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Privacy in Giardino con cancello - Foto e idee

RDM ArchitectureRDM Architecture
This garden path was created next to the new master bedroom addition we designed as part of the Orr Residence renovation. The curving limestone paver path is defined by the plantings. RDM and the client selected plantings that are very happy in the shade as this part of the yard gets very little direct sunlight. Check out the rest of the Orr Residence photos as this project was all about outdoor living! This photo was one of the most popular "Design" images on Houzz in 2012 - - and added to over 11,000 Ideabooks
Contemporary Curb Appeal & Outdoor LivingContemporary Curb Appeal & Outdoor Living
GO Designs Inc.GO Designs Inc.
Completing the Vibe...Cool & Contemporary Curb Appeal that helps complete our clients special spaces. From the feels like it was here all along. The perimeter tree line serving as a partial wind break has a feel that most parks long for. Lit up at night, it almost feels like youre in a downtown urban park. Forever Lawn grass brightens the front lawn without all the maintenance. Full accessibility with custom concrete rocksalt deck pads makes it easy for everyone to get around. Accent lighting adds to the environments ambiance positioned for safety and athletics. Natural limestone & mossrock boulders engraves the terrain, softening the energy & movement. We bring all the colors together on a custom cedar fence that adds privacy & function. Moving into the backyard, steps pads, ipe deck & forever lawn adds depth and comfort making spaces to slow down and admire your moments in the landscaped edges.
Williamsburg Colonial Garden GateWilliamsburg Colonial Garden Gate
Jeffrey Preuss LandscapesJeffrey Preuss Landscapes
Entrance Gate, Annual and Perennial beds lined in boxwood, classical urns
Esempio di un giardino formale tradizionale in ombra di medie dimensioni e davanti casa in estate con cancello, pavimentazioni in mattoni e recinzione in legno
Richmond Asian GardenRichmond Asian Garden
Northwest Native Landscapes LLCNorthwest Native Landscapes LLC
This compact, urban backyard was in desperate need of privacy. We created a series of outdoor rooms, privacy screens, and lush plantings all with an Asian-inspired design sense. Elements include a covered outdoor lounge room, sun decks, rock gardens, shade garden, evergreen plant screens, and raised boardwalk to connect the various outdoor spaces. The finished space feels like a true backyard oasis.
Allergic to Bees Horizontal FencingAllergic to Bees Horizontal Fencing
Winston Fayer Landscape DesignWinston Fayer Landscape Design
The backyard is small and uninviting until we transformed it into a comfortable and functional area for entertaining
Foto di un piccolo privacy in giardino design esposto in pieno sole dietro casa
West London Courtyard GardenWest London Courtyard Garden
Alexandra Noble Design | Gardens and LandscapesAlexandra Noble Design | Gardens and Landscapes
A private garden designed, with minimal maintenance in mind, for a newly converted flat in Ealing. It has a long taxus hedge to provide year-round interest viewable from the property as well as to act as a backdrop to a Prunus ‘Accolade’ when it is in flower and leaf. This cherry tree is positioned centrally opposite a cantilevered glass box extruding from the facade of the building.
Garden HouseGarden House
Dave Adams PhotographyDave Adams Photography
French inspired garden home by landscape architect David Gibson. Architectural & Interior Design Photography by
AFTER - Evenly spaced trees planted to create privacyAFTER - Evenly spaced trees planted to create privacy
Metamorphic DesignMetamorphic Design
Privacy will increase as the tree canopy fills in
Foto di un privacy in giardino moderno esposto in pieno sole di medie dimensioni e dietro casa in primavera con recinzione in legno e pacciame
40' Pressure treated wood privacy screening40' Pressure treated wood privacy screening
Mjolnir ConstructionMjolnir Construction
Do you have a backyard which faces a school, park, or other public space and is separated by chainlink fencing? Are you looking for some privacy while you enjoy your time with family and friends? We offer privacy screening solutions to meet your needs! This customer opted for 6'h pressure treated wood, with alternating 1"x4" and 1"x6" horizontal boards for a more modern, custom look.
Modern Farmhouse Landscape Design (Colorado)Modern Farmhouse Landscape Design (Colorado)
Tilly | Landscape DesignTilly | Landscape Design
Foto di un privacy in giardino country esposto in pieno sole di medie dimensioni e dietro casa con recinzione in legno
Elevated EntertainingElevated Entertaining
Mom's Design BuildMom's Design Build
A view from the putting green shows how much privacy the wood accent privacy wall creates.
Esempio di un privacy in giardino design esposto a mezz'ombra di medie dimensioni e dietro casa in estate con pavimentazioni in pietra naturale
Southport BeachSouthport Beach
This was a creative collaboration with ROBIN KRAMER GARDEN DESIGN (their design combined with LaurelRock's plant installation and pruning). We used proper pruning techniques to square the hornbeam, green velvet, and 'Dee Runk' boxwood hedges, along with the pleaching of the linden trees.
Landscape Lighting Design Elkhorn, NebraskaLandscape Lighting Design Elkhorn, Nebraska
McKay Landscape LightingMcKay Landscape Lighting
The property has newer trees and mature trees along a creek in the backyard. The beautiful annuals on the berms add undulation in the landscape. Jerry McKay, owner and lighting designer at McKay Landscape Lighting says, "We have light shining down from the mature trees to moonlight the garden area and hostas, we also up lit some select mature trees." Learn more about the design:
Wellesley Family GardenWellesley Family Garden
Inge Daniels Design LLCInge Daniels Design LLC
We designed this lovely, private dining area with custom wood-slat screens and a concrete kitchen complete with seating, grilling, counters and wood storage.
Custom Metal FencingCustom Metal Fencing
Great Lakes Metal FabricationGreat Lakes Metal Fabrication
Custom wrought iron fencing, wavy contemporary metal panels, steel privacy screen for neighbors, decorative metal fencing design.

To read more about this project, click here or start at the Great Lakes Metal Fabrication metal railing page
Allergic to Bees BackyardAllergic to Bees Backyard
Winston Fayer Landscape DesignWinston Fayer Landscape Design
The backyard was small and uninviting until we transformed it into a comfortable and functional area for entertaining. The front yard was leveled and converted into a play area for two small children and two large dogs. The client is very allergic to bees, so plants were selected with great care.
Природный сад. Жуковка XXI век. 2017-2018 гг.Природный сад. Жуковка XXI век. 2017-2018 гг.
ARCADIA GARDEN Ландшафтная  СтудияARCADIA GARDEN Ландшафтная Студия
Два года каждодневного труда с жесткими сроками и числом рабочих до 50 человек в день, и интереснейший проект большого природного сада стал реальностью. В нем все необычно - от бионической архитектуры и оригинального решения рельефа, до открытости ветрам, речным красотам и взорам гуляющих людей. Дом идеально вписывается в существующий и созданный рельеф, давая возможность плавно подняться на террасы второго этажа прямо с земли. Панорамное остекление создает теснейшую связь с садом, а великолепный вид на реку обрамляют выразительные посадки деревьев. В этом огромная сила его очарования для хозяев. Воплощение этого масштабного проекта позволило реализовать наш прошлый опыт устройства мощения эластопейв, в котором очень важно выбрать правильный цвет гальки с учетом потемнения от смолы, создания авторских живописных водоемов с большими камнями и водопадами, правда все предыдущие были бетонные и не мельче 170 см, для плаванья, а этот спроектировали- мелким, пологим и гравийным, предусмотрев зону зимовки рыбы, облицовки подпорных стен габионами -выполнили очень качественно, с двумя видами камня, устройства ландшафтного освещения с 18 отдельными линиями включения. Из нового опыта - устройство спортивной площадки с искусственным газоном на гравийном основании с мачтами освещения, создание огорода с грядками из кортеновской стали, налитие большого бетонного моста из плит через пруд. Все растения мы заботливо выбирали в Германии, уделяя большое внимание кроне, характеру формовки, многолетники в количестве 40 тыс. мы дорастили в нашем питомнике, часть кустарников и высоких сосен - из российских питомников. В саду высажено 500 тыс луковичных, благодаря им с апреля по июль он превращается в яркое море красок и фактур. В течение года после сдачи работы на участке продолжились. Нам доверили весь уход. По просьбе заказчика мы переработали некоторые зоны, сделав их более приватными. Для этого лучшим решением оказались кулисы из стройных кедровых сосен с Алтая. Зону беседки мы дополнительно отделили от гуляющих вдоль реки посадкой большой группы формированных сосен Бонсай. Практичное мощение, мощные холмы, скрывающие забор, огромные площади трав и многолетников, высоченные раскидистые сосны, очень интересные по форме сосны Банкса, живописный водоем, отражающий дом – вот слагаемые неповторимого облика сада. Уже в июне поднимаются массивы трав, высотой по плечи, добавляющие глубину и создающие ощущение возврата в детство, в бескрайние луговые просторы. В прозрачный водоем залетают поплескаться дикие утки, а кошки интересуются его обитателями- карпами Кои, засев в зарослях ириса болотного. Основа проекта: Михаил Козлов. Доработка и реализация: Ландшафтная студия Аркадия Гарден фото: Диана Дубовицкая
Projet Déco JardinProjet Déco Jardin
Elodie Dugué PhotographeElodie Dugué Photographe
Création d'une terrasse en bout de piscine avec une superbe glycine et une clôture bois afin de préserver l'intimité de la famille.
Idee per un piccolo privacy in giardino moderno esposto a mezz'ombra nel cortile laterale in estate con pedane
Kiawah Island Family RetreatKiawah Island Family Retreat
Medicine Wheel, LLCMedicine Wheel, LLC
Immagine di un grande privacy in giardino stile marino esposto a mezz'ombra dietro casa con pacciame
Shaded Asian Garden with Mexican Beach Pebble DetailShaded Asian Garden with Mexican Beach Pebble Detail
Eden Garden DesignEden Garden Design
Towering, non-invasive clumping bamboo creates a forest feel in this shaded garden area. Photographer: Greg Thomas,

Privacy in Giardino con cancello - Foto e idee

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