Manor Estate

This estate is a transitional home that blends traditional architectural elements with clean-lined furniture and modern finishes. The fine balance of curved and straight lines results in an uncomplicated design that is both comfortable and relaxing while still sophisticated and refined. The red-brick exterior façade showcases windows that assure plenty of light. Once inside, the foyer features a hexagonal wood pattern with marble inlays and brass borders which opens into a bright and spacious interior with sumptuous living spaces. The neutral silvery grey base colour palette is wonderfully punctuated by variations of bold blue, from powder to robin’s egg, marine and royal. The anything but understated kitchen makes a whimsical impression, featuring marble counters and backsplashes, cherry blossom mosaic tiling, powder blue custom cabinetry and metallic finishes of silver, brass, copper and rose gold. The opulent first-floor powder room with gold-tiled mosaic mural is a visual feast.

Esempio di un ampio vialetto d'ingresso tradizionale esposto in pieno sole davanti casa con cancello e recinzione in metallo —  Houzz
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