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“10 home design trends to watch out for in 2019”
The Washington Post
“The Houzz That Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen Built”
“Houzz may have a $1.2 trillion opportunity in North America and Europe alone: CEO”
“...the most highly valued private U.S. company run by a female founder”
Marie Claire
“Is this the future of home renovation? ”
“...Houzz is using augmented reality to help consumers visualize furniture and decor in their home — and it's paying off in droves”
“2018 CNBC Disruptor 50”
“Houzz Unveils New Pentagram-Designed Logo”
Fast Company
“The Top Kitchen Trends of 2018, According to Houzz”
“The inspiring story of Houzz, a $4 billion Silicon Valley company that wants to remodel India”
Business Insider
“A new ARKit app from Houzz brings 500,000 objects to moveable life”
“The creators of Houzz turned their home remodeling nightmare into an online empire”
mag 2017| Guarda il video
“Never Fear Furniture Shopping Again: This 3D Tool Shows You How Things Will Look in Your House”
“Millennials are becoming homeowners much later than baby boomer did, but when they get there, they're spending more for renovations...That's a positive sign of confidence in the housing market, according to the Houzz & Home Survey”
“Houzz's new 3D tool lets you try furniture before you buy it... I've been using the 3D tool for days, and I'm impressed by how realistic and helpful it is”
“Kristen Bell...recently surprised her older sister Sara with a complete basement remodel, and all the happy feels and tears are documented in the latest episode of Houzz’s makeover video series "My Houzz"”
“Houzz: How a Home Renovation and Design Platform Achieved Business Expansion”
dic 2016| Guarda il video
“Houzz CEO: Why We're Expanding into India”
ott 2016| Guarda il video
“Houzz now uses deep learning to help you find and buy products in its photos”
“The 2016 Disruptor 50 List”
mag 2016| Guarda il video
“Mary Meeker highlights shopping innovation at Houzz through View in My Room and Sketch, which drive "3-4 times higher engagement and 5 times higher purchase conversion..."”
Internet Trends Report 2016
mag 2016| Guarda il video
“Houzz CEO Takes Home Decor Online”
The Wall Street Journal
apr 2016| Guarda il video
“Houzz opens its Commerce API to third-party vendors”
“As if the Houzz website and app weren’t addictive enough for people who are redecorating, remodeling, building a custom home or who just love to daydream about upgrading their living space, it has added a new function called "Sketch" to its app...”
The Washington Post
“Houzz Brings New Collaboration Tools To Its iOS Apps”
“The first-ever ad campaign from home remodeling and design platform Houzz pegs the exact moment when people decide a change must be made.”
Fast Company
“Houzz Acquires Home And Gardening Community Site GardenWeb From NBCUniversal”
“Ashton Kutcher teamed up with the home site to surprise his mom, Diane, with a basement remodel...The process — from planning to the reveal — is part of a four-part video series, and it's wonderful.”
apr 2015| Guarda il video
“Restoration Software”
Bloomberg Businessweek
“The List: Disrupter 50”
“Building Houzz Brick by Digital Brick”
mar 2015| Guarda il video
“Houzz renovates online home design”
Fox Business
feb 2015| Guarda il video
“Most Innovative Companies 2015”
Fast Company
“With rabid overseas demand, home design favorite Houzz looks to triple its international reach in 2015”
“, le site déco qui met en relation particuliers et professionnels”
Les Echos
“The 50 Absolute Best iPad Apps”
“For 2.7 Million Home Designers, Houzz Is A Mighty Door-Opener”
“Online Community Houzz Officially Debuts Down Under”
Bloomberg TV
lug 2014| Guarda il video
“Houzz Launches in Australia, Home Renovators Get Excited”
“Houzz Launches A Localized Version To Renovate Australia's Home Design Market”
“Mary Meeker calls out Houzz for reinventing an industry vertical and for pulling "something off that many companies have aspired to do over the years but have not been able to."”
2014 Internet Trends Report
apr 2014| Guarda il video
“In the 'Houzz': Natalie shares her favorite apps.”
“Houzz Launches Site Designer, Offers Free Websites for Home Professionals.”
“One of the most promising consumer-facing companies of this generation announced its overseas ambitions: Houzz has opened offices in Berlin, London, and Sydney.”
“Houzz, the fast-growing website and mobile app for all things home remodeling and design, today announced that it has opened offices in London, Berlin and Sydney.”
“Houzz's Adi Tatarko on Yahoo Weather, Dropcam, and what happens when her kids get a hold of her iPhone.”
Vanity Fair
“Houzz has been transforming the $300 billion home remodeling and design industry in the US... today Houzz is announcing plans for new international growth and expansion.”
dic 2013| Guarda il video
“After 12M Downloads, Houzz Launches Redesigned iOS App With Full Screen Images, Easier Navigation.”
“Houzz Helps You Make Your House a Home”
“What makes the app more than just pretty pictures is the information that goes with each image. You can click to see the companies and people who worked on a project, ask questions about how they did certain things or where to find furniture or other products.”
“A recent survey commissioned by Houzz, a home-remodeling and design website, shows how spending on high-end home projects can vary substantially by region”
Wall Street Journal
“Houzz CEO Adi Tatarko: 'You Can't Have It All And You Have To Live Peacefully With That Knowledge'”
Huffington Post
“Finding inspiration: The single best source is”
The Washington Post
“Adi Tatarko Of Houzz: “Bootstrapping Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Us””
“AnswerLab Honors Evernote, Flipboard, and Houzz as Examples of Game-Changing Tablet App User Experiences”
Digital Journal
“Houzz helps remodelers nail down their dreams”
San Francisco Chronicle
“There’s no better place to go than Houzz, the increasingly popular platform for finding ideas for your home remodeling projects and the professional that can realize them.”
“The A-to-Z of Home Remodeling and Design”
Bloomberg TV
mag 2013| Guarda il video
“The CEO of Houzz on Attracting Investors”
The New York Times
“Hot interior design startup didn't have the usual beginnings.”
“Tauri decided we needed a design-build firm, so we went to Houzz. Everybody we interviewed we found on Houzz,” says Jonathan, 33, a vice president of finance for GE Healthcare.”
The Dallas Morning News
“If I were starting to decorate my house now, I'd ditch the binder and just use Houzz.”
The Cleveland Plain Dealer
apr 2013
“Over the last five years, nearly four in ten home improvement dollars have gone into kitchens and future spending is likely to follow the same trend, according to a recent survey by Houzz.”
The Huffington Post
“... the company released a new survey on housing. It is the largest survey ever done on the U.S. remodeling industry.”
feb 2013| Guarda il video
“Matthew Cunningham of Boston-based Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design knows why he’s smitten with”
Landscape Management Magazine
“"I'm obsessed with this app already." - Natalie Moralies, co-host”
feb 2013| Guarda il video
“Houzz Will Save Your Home (and Perhaps Your Marriage)”
The Valley Girl Show
feb 2013| Guarda il video
“...the service also offers a wide range of tools that aim to help design and remodeling professionals find new clients....The importance of Houzz in the home remodeling market continues to increase.”
“Houzz’s torrid growth comes down to the three C’s: Content, Commerce, and Community”
“Online Start-Up Houzz Taps Tech to Reinvent Design Industry”
“... the company is quickly disrupting the $300 billion home remodeling market by providing homeowners with inspiration for their projects and connecting them with the designers, architects and contractors who can turn their ideas into reality.”
“The Bay Area-based start-up has raised $35 million from existing investor Alfred Lin of Sequoia Capital, and a new group of investors that include Yammer founder David Sacks, Kleiner Perkins’s Mary Meeker, NEA and GGV Capital.”
“Top 100 websites of 2012 - Houzz is "house porn" at its best. What's more, it's a community of people who are interested in or looking to redesign a home or landscape.”
“One outfit has its finger on the pulse of remodeling-minded homeowners...”
“Beyond the imagery, it’s worth noting that Houzz also brings real disruption to the market for architects, designers and contractors.”
“Houzz, a freebie app that is as amazing as it is useful and will help you immensely . . . amazing because Houzz makes all other catalogs look as stale and dated as those old thick paper catalogs from Sears and Roebuck.”
“A photo-driven site that’s become the poster-child of the post-recession renovation frenzy.”
“To help Jannsen visualize her ideas, Renee compiled aspirational design photos into a digital scrapbook on the Web site”
The Washington Post
“Houzz is the new way to remodel your home, the 21st century way to do things using community and technology.”
Bloomberg tv
set 2012| Guarda il video
“A veritable gold mine for those searching for inspiration, that enables users to ask questions of designers from around the world.”
Atlantico (France)
“With Houzz, we've very quickly been noticed by thousands of members, and many of them are on the site because they are planning to start a remodeling project and are looking for inspiration.”
Remodeling Magazine
“According to a recent poll conducted by home remodeling website Houzz, 52 percent of respondents pointed to the table as the homework hangout so parents can "keep an eye on progress."”
Sacramento Bee
“Forward-thinking and fast-growing, an upstart website is revolutionizing the way we see our homes”
Architectural digest
“Nationwide, the average cost of a kitchen remodel or addition, according to survey data, is $27,000.”
The Street
“Canadians are prodigious decorators and renovators. Just take a peek at The site, which contains a massive database of home-design ideas...”
National Post
“The app is optimized for Retina display, so you have the opportunity to experience some amazingly crisp images if you own a Retina iPhone or iPad.”
“Couple shares wisdom of remodeling with Houzz site”
San Francisco Chronicle
“Who's got the fairest kitchen of all? offers one way of seeing the aspirational look of the moment -- the most envy-inducing arrangement of countertops, cabinets and bling..”
LA Times
“Mobile users can download apps so information that they are interested in is delivered to them. So, if one is interested in décor, he/she downloads Houzz.”
“As fewer homeowners plan to sell, remodeling focuses on personal preference, not return on investment.”
Las Vegas Review Journal
“Houzz, in particular, presents an excellent model for how a high degree of user engagement can result in premium local search results.”
Search Engine Watch
“Design Fans Feel at Home with Houzz”
Chicago Tribune
“Professional Decorating Ideas in the Houzz - Service Brings Consumers and Designers Together Through Sample Rooms and Social Networking”
Wall Street Journal
“Houzz Proud: The Home That Inspired the Web Site Houzz”
New York Times
“The commercial benefits aren’t just for furniture makers and other brands that pay Houzz to advertise their products. The site helps small business owners broaden their reach beyond their local area.”
Bloomberg Businessweek
“Houzz is great... and the best news is you can get hooked up with the designer, architect, contractor or specialist who did the work and ask them questions.”
gen 2012| Guarda il video
“The first on my list of best apps for home improvement aspirants, Houzz, is also one of the rare nongaming apps with an average iTunes rating of five stars, after thousands of reviews, and the ratings are well deserved.”
New York Times
“The site now offers more options for sharing through social media, as well as virtual price tags on certain items - a lamp, for example, or a love seat in a living-room setting - that will direct a user to a place where those items can be purchased.”
“Users can now tap on tags in images to learn more about items and where-to-buy information.”
ott 2011
“The holy grail of all things design... Houzz's database is incomparable, the app is easy to use and the design is comprehensive.”
“If you're in need of some good design inspiration for your child's bedroom, Houzz Kids' Rooms is a great place to start.”
“ provides a wealth of information on remodeling and redecorating... includes a plethora of articles relating to design. You can even submit a question to their Q&A section to get personalized help.”
The Kim Komando Show
ago 2011
“As a launching platform for your decorating project, or just as idle inspiration while daydreaming about your next one, Houzz is practically a bottomless well of inspiration at the tip of your swiping fingers.”
Wall Street Journal
“This app will stoke your imagination. Houzz provides access to more than 100,000 photos of interiors, sortable by room, style or location. It also has contractor directories for over 50 metropolitan areas.”
Architectural Digest
ago 2011
“Houzz is bringing the process into the digital age by creating a database of more than 170,000 home design photos sorted by room, style and geographic location.”
“The Wikipedia of interior and exterior design.”
mag 2011| Guarda il video
“Even better, set up an account on and create an 'ideabook' online. You'll find a nearly endless portfolio of excellent ideas for your swipe file there that you and your architect can both contribute to and comment on.”
The Mercury News
“Perhaps the largest database of ideas... new ideas to transform your home with a few simple tricks. [originally in Italian]”
“For those who are short on design ideas and in need of some inspiration to get this year's room re-do underway, Houzz Interior Design Ideas is ideal. Whether you're looking for what's hot in New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, or even London or Hong Kong, Houzz Interior Design Ideas has got you covered.”
“English creates 'idea books,' or files of images, for his clients to review with Houzz, a free phone app that contains more than 70,000 photos of rooms, homes and landscape projects. Having the images to refer to helps clients articulate more clearly their likes and dislikes, he said.”
Associated Press
dic 2010
“So far users have created more than 130,000 ideabooks. Homeowners can tag items, share photos with friends, or find designers to work with. Professionals, including contractors, architects, and designers, can upload photos to create their own portfolios and find new clients.”
“Houzz appears to be a decent idea that's been executed well.”
“The online equivalent of clipping decor inspiration from magazines... browse more than 40,000 images submitted by interior decorators, architects and design-minded users (filter by space, style and more), then save them in your virtual idea book.”
ago 2010
“So long scrapbooks and online bookmarks! Thanks to the new Houzz app for iPad, you now have a digital place to sort, save and share your favorite home design ideas... But beware: Like candy for design addicts, once you start perusing the Houzz pages, it can be hard to stop. Consider yourself warned.”
lug 2010
“Site we're psyched about: - Love room porn and stockpiling design ideas? Sounds like you've got a fever and the only prescription is An online community for architects, designers and decor aficionados... Three cheers for the encyclopedia of room porn!”
“To be honest, it's a tad difficult to describe the interior-design-obsessed website It is a bit of everything from inspiration to design notebook, to videos, to blog, to addiction -- in a good way. Have a design question? Post it along with any photos and, presto, you'll get advice from others. A new iPad app has also been launched so you can search, save, mark as a favorite -- basically access inspiration anywhere.”
The Oregonian
“So far my favorite real estate app for the iPad is called Houzz. is a site where interior decorators and home design professionals share their various works and you can browse through their online catalog for ideas... The search options are endless and the browsing is entertaining. The photo quality is top notch and fills up the entire iPad screen... It's basically a dreaming app for your iPad which may potentially cost me a few hundred extra dollars as my home may have some unexpected new decor being added to it (thanks a lot, Houzz).”
“'For the iPad, Apps With Their Own Wow Factor' - a digital look book for interior-decorating ideas... allowing you to search and save certain looks for offline access or sharing with others.”
Wall Street Journal
“The images are uploaded by users -- homeowners, professional designers, contractors, landscape artists, and architects. Just click on the image you like and save it to your own Ideabook. You can create different themes for your own book and tag the photos where you want to save them. I went straight to my favorite subject, DIY, and browsed around some of the other links, and created my own Ideabook. I'm just getting started, though. It's quite an addictive site.”
San Francisco Chronicle
“If you are a professional you will put this site to excellent use since you can create a portfolio and spread your name around quite easily. In that sense, the site caters for every single person involved in the industry, and provides them with a platform that can but elicit fruitful relationships.”
“One of Home and Living's favorite websites”
“If you like interior design, this Web site, Houzz, can be addicting. Several search filters -- style, space, metro area -- ease navigation through the thousands of photos and ideas found here.”
“It's the Flickr of design idea sites”
The Washington Post
“beautiful photographs of homes, decor and interior design”
“facebook for interiors”
Apartment Therapy
“Better than that, they have a section where you can create your own Ideabook, browser button included!”
Design Public
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