The Gallery House

A sculptural statement in its own right, this concrete-and-glass “Gallery House” was designed to showcase the owners’ art collection as well as the natural landscape. The architecture is truly one with its site: To the east, a sheltering wall echoes the curve of a crowded cul-de-sac, while to the west, the design follows the sweeping contours of the cliff—ensuring privacy while maximizing views. The architectural details demanded flawless construction: Windows and doors stretch floor-to-ceiling, and minimalist reveals define the walls, which “float” between perfect shadow lines in the long T-shape foyer. Ideal for entertaining, the layout fosters seamless indoor-outdoor living. Amenities include four pocketing glass walls, a lanai with heated floor, and a partially cantilevered multi-level terrace. The front courtyard sequesters a frameless glass entry. From here, sight lines stretch through the house to an infinity pool that hovers between sky and sea.

Esempio di un ingresso o corridoio minimalista con pareti bianche —  Houzz
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Carol Mark lo ha aggiunto a My Project4 novembre 2022

Pretty board formed concrete wall. Staircase?

Marilyn Paderewski lo ha aggiunto a architectural details20 ottobre 2022

Wider hallway/deeper doorway frame

Laura Rotolo lo ha aggiunto a All Time Favorites7 settembre 2022

Interested in the way the the floor and wall meet.

Laura Rotolo lo ha aggiunto a Living Room7 settembre 2022

See how the baseboard area look like?

elbarnett5 lo ha aggiunto a New House Ideas13 aprile 2022

Side door to house and possibly single garage

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