Gamble Garden Spring Tour 2014: Melville

Photo: Hoi Ning Wong © 2014 Houzz
Design: Sarah Warto, Boxleaf Design

Foto di un giardino american style —  Houzz
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Este Meza lo ha aggiunto a A & E's Taft House6 novembre 2020

very cool plant arch. plant is called Cecile Brunner climbing rose

Kristin Call Trojanowski lo ha aggiunto a FLASKA OFFICE25 agosto 2020

It’s not a stone moongate but has that look. Could compliment sign/Stone moongate with firepit or water feature as focal point thru the opening

killianey lo ha aggiunto a Front yard2 luglio 2020

always attracted to these moon arches but don't know where one could possibly go *Liz: We could imitate the look by doing a trellis over your arched front door! An shallow, arched trellis immediately in front of the door would make the pass through feel deep and secretive.

brissarthe lo ha aggiunto a Exterior Ideas23 giugno 2020

Multiple concentric metal rings in this garden support a cool canopy of climbing plants and give a sense of expectation for visitors. A subtle and artful feature of ancient moon gates connecting contrasting “worlds” is that the design allowed only one person to step through at a time, according to Maggie Keswick, author of The Chinese Garden: History, Art and Architecture. By crossing alone from one space to another, it’s said that the experience becomes more intimate and significant.

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