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Imbianchini Marrero, LA

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Marrero, LA / 50 km
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Recensioni in evidenza per Imbianchini Marrero, LA

Mid South Coatings
Imbianchini Marrero, LA
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle14 giugno 2018
Timely with pricing and executing the work. All work was done to our agreement and professional. Clean up was impressive and response to punch list items was the next day. The product is performing exactly as billed.... Highly recommend it.
Benny's painting & Remodeling LLC
Imbianchini Marrero, LA
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle5 dicembre 2018
Benny painted the interior of my home and it came out great. He always showed up on time and was very professional. Great to work with. I would highly recommend.
Br pro painting inc
Imbianchini Marrero, LA
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle26 dicembre 2017
This company replaced our back deck with composite material, painted the front porch, and built a small deck for our grill. Gustavo was always responsive, had good suggestions, and was very fair in pricing, even when some obstacles turned up during the projects. I don't often give a "highest" recommendation, but he and his team have earned it, and I will be hiring them again.
Jason Bertoniere Painting Contractor
Imbianchini Marrero, LA
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle29 novembre 2017
I have had the pleasure of working with Jason and Yamila on two high profile projects and I can say with confidence that their professionalism and quality of work is impressive. As an interior designer it is hard to find team players who respect the design profession and finish projects in a timely manner. They are knowledgeable general contractors and painting experts especially using Fine Paints of Europe. I would recommend them for both residential and commercial projects.
ProFinish Painting , LLC
Imbianchini Marrero, LA
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle27 aprile 2014
Thank You!, Thank You!, Thank You! The bed rooms look great. I appreciate you going the extra mile. It is so refreshing to meet someone like you. I liked how you took time out to explain why and how to do things that would make the over all look of the walls better. That is why I called you out a second time. Don't get too busy, My husband doesn't know it yet, but I am thinking about repainting my living room and kitchen area. :)
Five Star Painting of New Orleans
Imbianchini Marrero, LA
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle25 luglio 2019
Very professional service, unlike most of the painters that I saw or called. Quote was given professionally at the time of my quote. The work was extremely well done and I was totally amazed by how quickly they got me in the schedule and the quality of the project manager. Couldn’t have asked for a better contractor service in New Orleans! Trust a professional, it is totally worth it!!
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