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Recensioni in evidenza per Architetti a Marrero

Nathan Fell Architecture
Architetti a Marrero
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle20 maggio 2020
Nathan was wonderful to work with on our backyard oasis! He was able to blend in all of the aspects that we wanted in our project and added more to enhance the scenery. He has a fine attention to each and every detail- even those that you were not even thinking about! Highly recommend him and his work!
Adamick Architecture
Architetti a Marrero
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle24 marzo 2017
as a franchisee with the athletes foot i said thanks god i had a geed team from adamick to help us with this project on canal st the athletes foot was it was great working with them and i was very happy with the out come and the fast service they provided to us if it wasn't for them i would never got open just in time for the NBA all start weekend thanks a lot
Volume Zero, LLC [architectural design studio]
Architetti a Marrero
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle17 maggio 2015
My husband and I purchased a condo in the Warehouse District of New Orleans. It was an open space with generic cabinetry and fixtures. Pretty bare bones. It was going to be a challenge to define the living and dining space in this loft for sure. We hit it off right away with Michael and Van -their communication style was as important as their architectural skills and vision. The process from start to finish was awesome. We ended up with this beautifully designed space -their creativity was second to none. In summary: Hire Volume Zero for your project. Period.
Adler Design Build
Architetti a Marrero
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle14 novembre 2013
Adler Design Build has been exceptionally helpful with my house renovation. Not only have they provided very timely service but the level of professionalism and expertise to answer my myriad of questions made me feel extremely comfortable and well taken care of throughout this process. Both Stephanie and Ashley have provided me with, and continue to share, cost effective and energy efficient options based on what I want to renovate and consistently ensure that I am well informed before making any decisions. My house is in the midst of the renovations now, and I feel extremely lucky to be having such a successful experience. A large home renovation can be a nerve-wracking undertaking and with Adler Design Build, I am completely confident and very excited!
M2 Studio
Architetti a Marrero
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle2 giugno 2016
I have collaborated with both Mr. Charles and Mrs. Sherrie on numerous projects and their professionalism and knowledge are amazing. It is a real joy to work with true professionals who both care and love their work. I highly recommend them to any one who is contemplating a renovation and or new construction project.
Hollingsworth Design, LLC
Architetti a Marrero
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle2 giugno 2013
Professional and task oriented. Used hollingsworth design for a remodel. St Charles parish planning and zoning commented on how detailed the plans were. No problems whatsoever with getting permits.
Brian Gille Architects, Ltd.
Architetti a Marrero
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle11 marzo 2015
Brian Gille designed and oversaw the building of our uptown home. Our goal was to build a new home that looked like it had been in our neighborhood for years. We wanted the inside to reflect the old New Orleans design as well. Brian's plan for our home exceeded our expectations! Every square inch was designed with care and was optimally utilized. He worked with us to stay within budget while still designing a home that was beautiful and structurally sound. His staff was excellent and extremely professional. Brian saw our project through the build and his advice and guidance was invaluable!
Archi-Dinamica Architects, LLC
Architetti a Marrero
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle12 luglio 2016
Excellent service Roland was very nice, a good listener, came up with good ideas, easy to get in touch with, reasonably priced, and fast delivery.
Dennis Brady Architect
Architetti a Marrero
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle23 febbraio 2015
Dennis completed an interior project on our home and did a terrific job. He was prompt, reasonably priced, presented us with a clear and detailed outline/blueprint and completed the work right on time. When presented with our initial goals and ideas Dennis was kind, professional had a nice way of suggesting some improvements to our initial concepts. I would certainly recommend him to others.
m a palumbo studio
Architetti a Marrero
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle8 ottobre 2013
Marie brings to her clients true interior design experience with a great vision for use of space. She actually listens to her clients and uses her architectural design skill to work with them to create great new rooms as well as renovations of kitchens, bathrooms, master suites, closets, as well as other rooms. I enjoy working with her because she also can coordinate and supervise the project and is very well organized with respect to project operations. As the owner of a stone fabrication and installation company (countertops), I like the planning meetings throughout the construction/installation process to ensure the effective and efficient flow of the various working entities.
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