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Timothy James Interiors
Timothy James Interiors
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Yellow Sofa Study Interior Design in Richmond, West London

Home Office Interior Design Project in Richmond, West London We were approached by a couple who had seen our work and were keen for us to mastermind their project for them. They had lived in this house in Richmond, West London for a number of years so when the time came to embark upon an interior design project, they wanted to get all their ducks in a row first. We spent many hours together, brainstorming ideas and formulating a tight interior design brief prior to hitting the drawing board. Reimagining the interior of an old building comes pretty easily when you’re working with a gorgeous property like this. The proportions of the windows and doors were deserving of emphasis. The layouts lent themselves so well to virtually any style of interior design. For this reason we love working on period houses. It was quickly decided that we would extend the house at the rear to accommodate the new kitchen-diner. The Shaker-style kitchen was made bespoke by a specialist joiner, and hand painted in Farrow & Ball eggshell. We had three brightly coloured glass pendants made bespoke by Curiousa & Curiousa, which provide an elegant wash of light over the island. The initial brief for this project came through very clearly in our brainstorming sessions. As we expected, we were all very much in harmony when it came to the design style and general aesthetic of the interiors. In the entrance hall, staircases and landings for example, we wanted to create an immediate ‘wow factor’. To get this effect, we specified our signature ‘in-your-face’ Roger Oates stair runners! A quirky wallpaper by Cole & Son and some statement plants pull together the scheme nicely.
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