Windsor Companies

The entire grounds of this Lake Minnetonka home was renovated as part of a major home remodel.

The orientation of the entrance was improved to better align automobile traffic. The new permeable driveway is built of recycled clay bricks placed on gravel. The remainder of the front yard is organized by soft lawn spaces and large Birch trees. The entrance to the home is accentuated by masses of annual flowers that frame the bluestone steps.

On the lake side of the home a secluded, private patio offers refuge from the more publicly viewed backyard.

This project earned Windsor Companies a Grand Honor award and Judge's Choice by the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association.

Photos by Paul Crosby.

Idee per un giardino tradizionale in ombra dietro casa —  Houzz
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Leslie lo ha aggiunto a Backyard/Landscaping1 ora fa

just pretty and again depth of plantings

Alice Zhang lo ha aggiunto a Backyard12 settembre 2022

uniform edge of green backedd by white hydrangeas

Lauren lo ha aggiunto a Planting Likes28 agosto 2022

Really like. I think grass area must be outlined/defined

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