Up The Hill

The owners of this custom country home, located in Almonte, had lived in this space for over 8 years before deciding that the interior wasn’t the warm and cozy space they had dreamed about. To make their house a home, the owners contacted 7J Design, an Ottawa based design firm known for their modern, artistic and functional design aesthetic.

The house posed some unique challenges when it came to lighting. The front entrance had tall ceilings and felt very cold, the opposite of what the owners wanted. Lights of varying heights, as well as wall sconces along the staircase, added depth and needed warmth. The family den had to be multifunctional and so an adjustable light was installed, allowing the family to adjust the height when watching tv or when playing board games. The octagonal shaped nook in kitchen/dining area needed to be casual yet elegant. This was achieved by utilizing a suspended light that became the focal point of the room while adding needed ambient light.

The use of lights selected specifically to fit the space, along with unique design elements, made the home one the owners will be happy to live in for years to come.
Shiva Gupta

Ispirazione per una cucina design —  Houzz
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