Project Outdoor Sauna + Outdoor Shower

Alpha Wellness Sensations is the world's leading manufacturer of custom saunas, luxury infrared cabins, professional steam rooms, immersive salt caves, built-in ice chambers and experience showers for residential and commercial clients.

Our company is the dominating custom wellness provider in Europe for more than 35 years. All of our products are fabricated in Europe, 100% hand-crafted and fully compliant with EU’s rigorous product safety standards. We use only certified wood suppliers and have our own research & engineering facility where we developed our proprietary heating mediums. We keep our wood organically clean and never use in production any glues, polishers, pesticides, sealers or preservatives.

Foto di una terrazza minimalista di medie dimensioni e dietro casa con un tetto a sbalzo —  Houzz
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  • Terrazza minimalista
  • Terrazza di medie dimensioni
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  • Terrazze
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I commenti degli utenti:

Lisa Vickers lo ha aggiunto a Styles We Like21 aprile 2020

For the future in the master suite

marvingoose lo ha aggiunto a marvingoose's Ideas18 ottobre 2019

Sauna w/ window look out. Salt blocks?

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