Oak Tree Setting With Hillside Views, Landscape Renovation, Northern California

APLD 2021 Silver Award Winning Landscape Design. Galvanized troughs used for vegetables in the side yard. An expansive back yard landscape with several mature oak trees and a stunning Golden Locust tree has been transformed into a welcoming outdoor retreat. The renovations include a wraparound deck, an expansive travertine natural stone patio, stairways and pathways along with concrete retaining walls and column accents with dramatic planters. The pathways meander throughout the landscape... some with travertine stepping stones and gravel and those below the majestic oaks left natural with fallen leaves. Raised vegetable beds and fruit trees occupy some of the sunniest areas of the landscape. A variety of low-water and low-maintenance plants for both sunny and shady areas include several succulents, grasses, CA natives and other site-appropriate Mediterranean plants complimented by a variety of boulders. Dramatic white pots provide architectural accents, filled with succulents and citrus trees. Design, Photos, Drawings © Eileen Kelly, Dig Your Garden Landscape Design

Idee per un ampio giardino xeriscape design esposto a mezz'ombra nel cortile laterale in estate con ghiaia —  Houzz
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Jamie Comer lo ha aggiunto a 8325 Gear Backyard6 giorni fa

Could I have raised beds on the west side?

eileenmbrennan lo ha aggiunto a eileenmbrennan's ideas12 novembre 2022

possibly for no 3 to help with water logging at front

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