New Haven Modern Bohemian Remodel

7" wide Hickory flooring, character grade and a custom floor stain color combination.

Foto di uno studio chic con pareti grigie, pavimento in legno massello medio, scrivania autoportante e pavimento marrone —  Houzz
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chantel_loftus lo ha aggiunto a Other Areas (mudrooms, gyms, entryways, office, laundryetc)10 novembre 2020

Built ins. Can you get filing cabinet built in

Kenzie Marshall lo ha aggiunto a Principle Of Design29 ottobre 2020

random rhythm- Repeating elements with no specific regular interval creates random rhythms.

Taylor S lo ha aggiunto a Crestover25 ottobre 2020

Julie - but maybe comfy chair with ottoman instead

Madison Maxwell lo ha aggiunto a Principles of design22 ottobre 2020

This photo shows random rhythm threw the objects on the shelf. Each object is a different size , shape and color , and are there without any real order.

Branden B lo ha aggiunto a principles of design22 ottobre 2020

Random rhythm-This design represents random because no shape or object repeats over and over.The overall theme of the room matches but if you were to divide this room you would get different objects in each section.

Utente-500697414 lo ha aggiunto a Principles of Design24 settembre 2020

Random Rhythm: one of the five types of visual rhythm. It occurs when positive and negative shapes are repeated in a manner without order or any planned arrangement.

Kaylin Luebbert lo ha aggiunto a Principles of Design1 settembre 2020

Random Rhythm this is random rhythm because there are lots of plants on the shelf but they are not in a specific order

Ava Stuecken lo ha aggiunto a Principles of Design1 settembre 2020

Random Rhythm- On the shelves, the plants/books/plants/etc. are placed randomly at different intervals. Yet the shelving still has rhythm.

Kelsie Bailey lo ha aggiunto a Principals of Design1 settembre 2020

Random Rhythm-all of the decor on these shelves are all put in random places there is not very much symmetrical stuff in this image since most of this is random

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