Nashawtuc Hill Residence

This 3-acre property in the historic town of Concord merges a new home with surrounding topography and builds upon the neighborhood's historic and aesthetic influences. With ten entrances, the success of place making is rooted in expressing interior and exterior connections. Slabs of antique granite, Ipe decking, and stuccoed concrete risers with bluestone treads are instrumental in shaping the physical and visual experiences of the property. A formal entry walk of reclaimed bluestone and cobble slice through a sculptural grove of transplanted, mature mountain laurels and azaleas, and a new driveway sweeps past the front entrance of the house leading to a parking court. A meadow forms an intermediate zone between the domestic yard and the untamed woodland, and drifts of shrubs and perennials lend texture and scale to the home and outdoor spaces.

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billsimeral lo ha aggiunto a landscape9 febbraio 2019

belgian block or granite curbs the length of sidewalk and then up driveway?

Leigh lo ha aggiunto a leighozdemir's ideas9 gennaio 2019

Wide side lites give softer look

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