Fontana Interior

photos: Matthew Millman

This 1100 SF space is a reinvention of an early 1960s unit in one of two semi-circular apartment towers near San Francisco’s Aquatic Park. The existing design ignored the sweeping views and featured the same humdrum features one might have found in a mid-range suburban development from 40 years ago. The clients who bought the unit wanted to transform the apartment into a pied a terre with the feel of a high-end hotel getaway: sleek, exciting, sexy. The apartment would serve as a theater, revealing the spectacular sights of the San Francisco Bay.

Foto di una camera da letto moderna con pareti bianche, pavimento in marmo e pavimento bianco —  Houzz
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id12fall2020jessicajacobo lo ha aggiunto a Commercial Textiles5 ottobre 2020

Image #2 I like that the headboard goes all the way to the ceiling

Tiana Fares lo ha aggiunto a tianafaress's ideas26 luglio 2020

I really like this bed. Only 1 mattress?

Annah Ege lo ha aggiunto a Elements of Design Assignment7 maggio 2020

The element in this room is color. This room is monochromatic. Everything in this room is white, clean and put together.

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