Bucktown Rooftop Living

An intimate park-like setting with low-maintenance materials replaced an aging wooden rooftop deck at this Bucktown home. Three distinct spaces create a full outdoor experience, starting with a landscaped dining area surrounded by large trees and greenery. The illusion is that of a secret garden rather than an urban rooftop deck.

A sprawling green area is the perfect spot to soak in the summer sun or play an outdoor game. In the front is the main entertainment area, fully outfitted with a louvered roof, fire table, and built-in seating. The space maintains the atmosphere of a garden with shrubbery and flowers. It’s the ideal place to host friends and family with a custom kitchen that is complete with a Big Green Egg and an outdoor television.

Immagine di un'ampia terrazza minimalista sul tetto con un caminetto e una pergola —  Houzz
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Daniel Meyer lo ha aggiunto a 27th Ave, San Mateo10 luglio 2022

Seating area around a firepit, under pergola

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