4800 Sq. Ft. Northwest Farmhouse Showcase Home

On the main level of Hearth and Home is a full luxury master suite complete with all the bells and whistles. Access the suite from a quiet hallway vestibule, and you’ll be greeted with plush carpeting, sophisticated textures, and a serene color palette. A large custom designed walk-in closet features adjustable built ins for maximum storage, and details like chevron drawer faces and lit trifold mirrors add a touch of glamour. Getting ready for the day is made easier with a personal coffee and tea nook built for a Keurig machine, so you can get a caffeine fix before leaving the master suite. In the master bathroom, a breathtaking patterned floor tile repeats in the shower niche, complemented by a full-wall vanity with built-in storage. The adjoining tub room showcases a freestanding tub nestled beneath an elegant chandelier.

For more photos of this project visit our website: https://wendyobrienid.com.

Photography by Valve Interactive: https://valveinteractive.com/

Foto di una grande cabina armadio unisex country con ante in stile shaker, ante bianche, moquette e pavimento beige —  Houzz
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drawers, laundry space - want 3-4 laundry basket space

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