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Sia che tu desideri vendere il tuo appartamento in città o affittare la casa al mare, vale la pena considerare di assumere un fotografo di interni. Hai sicuramente già visto su Internet le foto degli annunci di compravendita di immobili: quando la qualità è mediocre, la luce è insufficiente e le immagini a disposizione sono troppo poche per farsi un’idea concreta dell’abitazione in vendita, non esiti a ignorare tale annuncio e passare al prossimo. L’occhio vuole la sua parte e se desideri che il tuo annuncio attiri al volo l’attenzione di un potenziale acquirente, ti consigliamo di affidarti al know-how di un fotografo professionista Huntington Beach, CA che saprà come mettere in buona luce il tuo immobile. Altro
  • Architectural Photography

    Photography, specializing in architecture and interiors.

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  • Prospect Ave. Home Remodel by October 5
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    We offer interior design, architecture, and high end real estate photography in Southern California and beyond.

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    I Create Beautiful Visuals for Creative People. Beautiful professional images is one of the utmost important fa...

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  • Sunset Strip Modern Architectural

    BEST OF HOUZZ 2014 - 2019 Luke Gibson Photography is an architectural, real estate, interior design, and landscap...

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  • Laguna Beach Beach Front

    I create images for a wide variety of happy clients. I shoot, edit, design, and create based on my client's vision...

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  • Architectural photographer Abran Rubiner loves his calling; creating beautiful, valuable, dynamic images. A bright...

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  • I understand the nature of space and I can connect the dots from the clients information to insight and create inv...

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  • In my work, I love to capture the essence of a space. I believe that through images, people can communicate and pr...

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    Our photography company supports and enhances the marketing range of General Contractors, Designers and Realtors b...

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  • Business professional with exceptional problem solving, project management and research skills. Extensive technic...

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  • Kevin is a photographer with a passion for architectural, interior and residential photography. His years of exper...

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  • Bill is an architectural, interior and landscape design photographer based in Los Angeles. His work has been publi...

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  • Hi! I live in Los Angeles with my husband and two daughters. I have a degree from Brooks Institute of Photography....

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  • Larry A. Falke Photography is an architectural and interior design photographer, partnering with builders, archite...

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  • Full service professional real estate photography.

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Recensioni in evidenza per Fotografi Huntington Beach, CA

Jeri Koegel Photography
Fotografi Huntington Beach, CA
24 ott 2012
“I started working with Jeri a few years ago and now she is the only photographer I use. She is professional, prompt, and takes BEAUTIFUL photographs. I recently won 2 awards using pictures taken by Jeri. She's fantastic!”
Adam Taylor Photos
Fotografi Huntington Beach, CA
28 giu 2017
“Howdy Guys, We have made Adam Taylor aka Fat Tony part of our team. He takes pictures that are easy on the eyes plus he is easy on the residents / inhabitants of the locations. peace a”
Fotografi Huntington Beach, CA
6 giu 2017
“I hired Christoper to photograph some of my staging projects. He did a fantastic job! His photos are beautiful, the lighting is perfect and the composition is spot on. His photos are shelter magazine quality. If you are a stager, a designer or a real estate agent, Christopher should be on your list for great design and real estate photos.”
Luke Gibson Photography
Fotografi Huntington Beach, CA
6 mar 2013
“We are architects and interior designers in So Cal and Luke has photographed several of our projects w/ great success. In fact, two of the projects of ours that he shot ended up published in a magazine. He's a nice, hard-working guy and very easy to work with, both during the shoot and the post editing process.”
Jon Encarnacion Photography
Fotografi Huntington Beach, CA
20 mag 2015
“Jon is the consummate professional in his rapport with his clients and attention to detail. His photos are spectacular and speak for themselves, the creative and artistic way in which he chooses to shot a room, an architectural detail, a nuance of lighting...... is amazing! THe project that he shot for Design Intervention was a very modern and monotone house with spectacular detail. Jon didn't miss even the smallest aspect of the home that we wanted to feature. He is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him highly.”
Abran Rubiner Photography
Fotografi Huntington Beach, CA
19 ott 2015
“Having worked with Abran on a few projects this year, I can honestly say that he is definitely one up and coming photographer not to miss. Abran's professionalism and eye for detail are exemplary. He is willing to work on projects large and small. And, consistently kept within his original negotiated rate. We at Benedict August are fortunate to have found Abran Rubiner Photography, and look forward to collaborating with him and staff on future projects.”
Darlene Halaby Photography
Fotografi Huntington Beach, CA
5 feb 2014
“Darlene is a true pro with outstanding photography skills. We worked together for a number of years shooting rooms, landscapes and products all over Southern California. She's also a ton of fun to work with. Highly recommend!”
Erika Bierman Photography
Fotografi Huntington Beach, CA
19 mar 2012
“Erika is a magician with her camera. I have done several shoots with her and the pictures are always better than I expected. Shooting interiors is not an easy job. It takes a highly skilled photographer to understand light, angles and scale. Erika is a master at this, she nails the shot every time. She is so easy to work with, professional and works 8 hours straight without missing a beat. She's dedicated to the shoot and works hard. Additionally, she is so pleasant and easy going. I always look forward to my photoshoots with Erika, she makes my rooms shine.”
Contract Photo
Fotografi Huntington Beach, CA
12 lug 2015
“Ellen and her partner, Kathy, were professionals; they showed up on time, made my kitchen "glow" by adding a few color pops in just the right place. Ellen has an outstanding knowledge of photography lighting, and Kathy is a great assistant. They did an amazing job, were respectful of my time and space, and made me laugh not only by replacing every last item back to its original location. but they left a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me to enjoy! What a treat they are to work with!”
V.I.Photography & Design
Fotografi Huntington Beach, CA
26 set 2012
“My name is Priscilla Parrish Crother. I am the owner of The Kitchen Lady. I have been in business for over 17 years. I use Vincent all the time for ALL of my photography needs. We meet a few times a month.Vincent is always on time. He is polite and easy to get along with. I love the way he makes my kitchens come to life and lots of his work can be seen on my site on Houzz: The Kitchen Lady. I also use his work on the web site and for all of my brochures. He makes photography affordable and I can now showcase my work much more easily. I met Vincent on the project I did with Jeff Lewis on Flipping Out in Laguna Beach. He was taking pictures of the home. I had supplied the cabinetry for the project. The owners of the home LOVE Vincent and told me to use him and I have been using him ever since.”
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