Davsar-Design SRL
Davsar-Design was founded to operate in the field of interior design, with a particular attention to innovation, and to the services offered to clients. Our know-how is a method called lifecoachdesign®, which is intended to embody a person’s own style of organization within a private or office interior and hence to provide the person with external support in the implementation and achievement of goals.
It is a design method where the emphasis moves from the purely aesthetic and ergonomic aspects to those that support a personal way of thinking, acting, making decisions and achieving success.
The method can be applied to any interior, which will be designed to create a successful projection in order to build through the space a support to the achievement of one's personal objectives. In this way the space itself becomes a coach and it accompanies the client in developing his potential.

Servizi forniti
lifecoachdesign®, inferior design , consultancy

Zone servite
Italy, Russia, France
Contatta: Elena Davsar
Località: 20121 Milano Milano
Informazioni sul professionista:
IIDA member
Costi di lavoro standard: 60 - 100 €