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This intimate, interconnected landscape gives these homeowners three spaces that make being outside a joy.

Low stucco walls create a courtyard near the front door that has as unique sense of privacy, making it a great place to pause and view the pond below.

Under the deck the stucco walls wrap around a patio, creating a perfect place for a cool refuge from hot summer days. A custom-made fountain is integrated into the wall, a bed of lush flowers is woven into the bluestone, and a view to the surrounding landscape is framed by the posts of the deck above.

The rear patio is made of large bluestone pieces. Grassy seams between the stone soften the hard surface. Towering evergreens create privacy, drifts of colorful perennials surround the seat walls, and clumps of Aspen trees define the entrance to this enchanting outdoor room.

Esempio di un giardino minimal con scale —  Houzz
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I commenti degli utenti:

Michelle Nevelson lo ha aggiunto a Backyard16 settembre 2022

Cheaper for front like this vs concrete wall?

Tracy Leatherman lo ha aggiunto a Stallion Lakes Leatherman9 settembre 2022

like the gentle terracing of the landscape with small stone walls

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