Traditional Utility Room

Idee per una piccola lavanderia multiuso classica con top in granito, pareti grigie, pavimento in pietra calcarea, lavatrice e asciugatrice affiancate, top nero, ante a filo e ante grigie —  Houzz
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Place to hang clothes to dry from rain/snow or washing

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Utility coat rack instead of shelves

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Daily (or Almost Daily) Care The experts also have some advice for preventing a buildup of dirt and odors between cleanings. If mold and mildew are a problem, leave the machine’s door or lid open after you finish a load of laundry so that the interior will dry out completely. Before you do this, make sure curious children and pets can’t get into the machine, especially if it’s a front-loading one. Some machines have latches designed to keep the door ajar without leaving it wide open. Brucia also recommends wiping down the door or lid to get rid of any condensation. Wiping and drying the gasket around the door every time you finish a load of laundry will help prevent a buildup of dirt in that area. As a final tip, be sure to use the correct amount of detergent for your loads.

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