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Product: Authentic Thick Limestone Pool Coping elements for pool edge
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The design of external living spaces is known as the 'Al Fresco' space design as it is called in Italian. 'Al Fresco' translates in 'the open' or 'the cool/fresh exterior'. Customizing a contemporary swimming pool or spa into a traditional Italian Mediterranean pool can be easily achieved by selecting one of our most prized surfaces, 'The Foundation Slabs' pool coping Oolitic planks.
The ease and cosines of this outdoor Mediterranean pool and spa experience will evoke in most a feeling of euphoria and exultation that on only gets while being surrounded with the pristine beauty of nature. This powerful feeling of unison with all has been known in our early recorded human history thought many primitive civilizations as a way to get people closer to the ultimate truth. A very basic but undisputed truth and that's that we are all connected to the great mother earth and to it's powerful life force that we are all a part of...

Idee per un grande giardino mediterraneo esposto a mezz'ombra dietro casa in estate con ghiaia —  Houzz
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rina balogh lo ha aggiunto a front courtyard garden24 agosto 2021

having a small fountain/pond maybe with fish?

rina balogh lo ha aggiunto a Guest apartment over garage24 agosto 2021

having a small fountain/pond maybe with fish?

Deborah Albaugh lo ha aggiunto a Deb Ideabook14 marzo 2021

concrete border for front door at pool

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