Modern Porch

The shape of the angled porch-roof, sets the tone for a truly modern entryway. This protective covering makes a dramatic statement, as it hovers over the front door. The blue-stone terrace conveys even more interest, as it gradually moves upward, morphing into steps, until it reaches the porch.

Porch Detail

The multicolored tan stone, used for the risers and retaining walls, is proportionally carried around the base of the house. Horizontal sustainable-fiber cement board replaces the original vertical wood siding, and widens the appearance of the facade. The color scheme — blue-grey siding, cherry-wood door and roof underside, and varied shades of tan and blue stone — is complimented by the crisp-contrasting black accents of the thin-round metal columns, railing, window sashes, and the roof fascia board and gutters.

This project is a stunning example of an exterior, that is both asymmetrical and symmetrical. Prior to the renovation, the house had a bland 1970s exterior. Now, it is interesting, unique, and inviting.

Photography Credit: Tom Holdsworth Photography
Contractor: Owings Brothers Contracting

Esempio della facciata di una casa grigia moderna a un piano di medie dimensioni con rivestimento con lastre in cemento e tetto a padiglione —  Houzz
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Alexis B lo ha aggiunto a Nikoles Outdoor Kitchen12 settembre 2022

I think these railings seem most practical. Because you can see through them.

jchoi832 lo ha aggiunto a Exterior Ideas5 settembre 2022

Entry ceiling wood surface and recessed lighting

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