Living Landscapes

We call these gardens "living landscapes" because the native plants they contain seed off and change locations from year to year in a dynamic, dramatic show. The gardener becomes audience, director, and dramaturge--all in one--rather than one who tightly controls the results.

(What is a dramaturge, one might ask if their friends are not in the theater?) Oxford languages explains: "1. a dramatist.
2. a literary editor on the staff of a theater who consults with authors and edits texts."

In living landscapes, the native plants become a sort of text which the gardener edits in order to shape the unfolding drama for the current and next season. The gardener chooses where to pull back overly assertive plants, when to nudge forward the under-confident actor waiting to shine, when to let the mystery unfold and surprise. It is not laissez-faire or "what will be will be"--rather, it is an ongoing movement rooted in observation and reflection. This is the living landscape we strive to design and build at The Natural Garden.

Immagine di un giardino shabby-chic style esposto in pieno sole nel cortile laterale in estate —  Houzz
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