Hilltop Residence

Hilltop Residence
Richmond, Vermont

The Hilltop Residence entrance garden is an abstracted representation of architecture and site expressed in simple bold gestures; a metaphor of Basho‘s haiku poem, The Hilltop Temple. Both the poem and the garden focus on the experience of arrival, placing special emphasis on the ecology and history of a place. Guided by a joint love and appreciation for art and poetry, a close collaboration was established between the landscape architect and the client. Taking cues from the site, materials were selected based upon their individual intrinsic beauty and their contribution to the overall composition. A simple yet bold palette of materials was selected for subtle variations in hue; verdant moss, ferns, birch and maples together with the precise use of stone bands emulating the site datum. In addition a trough of light, reflective by day, richly bisects and unifies the spaces at night with a gentle wash of light.

Architect: Truex Cullins & Partners Architects

Esempio di un giardino design davanti casa —  Houzz
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I commenti degli utenti:

Amana Katora lo ha aggiunto a Lake House30 novembre 2018

I like it because it looks like a modern castle (Amana). I like the lines from yard into house.

Jeff Stoelk lo ha aggiunto a Lighting- exterior6 agosto 2016

like how the light is incorporated with the split in the landscape wall

dgorman3 lo ha aggiunto a Lighting31 luglio 2016

Interesting way to use lighting to highlight architectural detail

margerysinclair lo ha aggiunto a lighting11 maggio 2016

Beam of light from narrow slip window.

gfasolino lo ha aggiunto a Mexico14 aprile 2016

Connection between window and garden wall. Use illuminated wall alongside entry walk to guide people to front door.

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