Edible Landscapes

Edible landscaping encompasses much more then adding some veggie beds to one’s property. Creative layouts and material usage can incorporate year-round vegetable harvests in an aesthetically pleasing way. Perennial fruit trees, along with bushes and herbs, create a lush space full of beautiful, colors, textures, smells and tastes. Searching out and experimenting with different and rare varieties of edible plants keeps home gardens interesting. Edible landscaping gives access to food at its freshest, when it is most nutritious, and offers many more options than supermarket produce sections—also cutting down on transportation and packaging impacts. From edible estates to food forests, or simple integration of garden-based food production, Sweet Smiling Landscapes has the knowledge and experience to help home owners harvest their own bounty.

Esempio di un patio o portico bohémian dietro casa —  Houzz
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