Browns Point Residence

This new construction home was in need of a complete landscape design and installation. All details were considered to create intimate spaces as well as a sweeping backyard landscape to compliment the views from the home.

The home sits on two lots which allowed it to be built at the desired size.

The front yard includes a modern entry courtyard featuring bluestone, decorative gravel and granite sculpture - as well as decorative concrete planters.

The backyard has several levels. The upper level is an expanse of lawn with hedging. The middle tier planting softens the poured concrete wall. A steep slope descends to the street below. The homeowners wanted to create access from parking below to the home above, so a series of pavers and granite risers was designed to create a comfortable pathway that also forms the focal point of the backyard. Ecoturf lawn was installed on the slope to minimize the need for water and mowing. Concrete edging deliniates the lawn from the beds where a mixture of evergreen and deciduous plants create year-round interest.

The overall result includes modern details and some sweeping curves that draw the eye up to the home from the street below

Wiilam Wright Photography

Esempio di un giardino formale minimalista esposto a mezz'ombra di medie dimensioni e in cortile con ghiaia —  Houzz
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I commenti degli utenti:

Terri C lo ha aggiunto a Gardening, Landscaping23 aprile 2019

Front Door Idea. Low maintenance. Nice place for a fountain. Mostly can be achieved by myself. Maybe have builder do the cement low planter box.

Cina Hazegh lo ha aggiunto a Exterior9 settembre 2018

Square pavers changing directions

Monica lo ha aggiunto a Monica's yard ideas3 settembre 2018

Nice way to make crushed granite or stone more interesting

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