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Product name: Antique Stone Pool Fountain
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Do you want to add the crown jewel to your backyard? Or maybe you want to finish of your swimming pool with a hand carved stone art piece instead of that stacked, bricked or stuccoed wall that you currently have? What about that kitchen window that leads to your neighbor’s wall or catwalk? Well you guessed it if you were thinking about adding a unique water feature that will transform that dull space into a lush oasis of limestone, water and greenery...
An antique water fountain will not only transform your backyard it will change your mood every time you look at it of walk pass by it...

Foto di un grande giardino mediterraneo esposto a mezz'ombra dietro casa con fontane e pavimentazioni in pietra naturale —  Houzz
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  • Giardino mediterraneo
  • Grande giardino
  • Giardino con fontane
  • Mediterraneo Giardini
  • Giardini
  • Giardini
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ID12Helen Carrasco lo ha aggiunto a Resilient Finishes: Tile12 ottobre 2015

At Ancient Surfaces we specialize is reclaiming antique limestone floors and old stone fireplaces, fountains, entryways, columns, wall cladding stones and much more. We also custom hand carved French limestone fireplace mantels and fountains. We carefully restore and piece by piece reassemble every antique stone fountain, fireplace and entryway we have in stock. Our keen eyes for design mixed with our academic savvy of historical ratios and architectural scaling allows us to restore and hand carving each of our unique art pieces with exact historic precision.

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