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Luciano Caprini was born in Brescia in 1969. Fascinated by farming since a child, he decided to attend G. Pastori, an agricultural technical college, where he graduated in 1988 and obtained a scholarship to study meristematic micropropagation. In 1989 he attended in Milan. He then founded Flornova, where he worked until 2000 as a landscape designer and gardener, planning and designing the environment and recovering green spaces. Throughout that period he focussed mainly on arboriculture. He attended the master in Merano,under the guidance of famous Professor Alex Shigo, an American arboriculturist. He also took a workshop on turfgrass installation and issues, both on residential lawns and sports pitches, and attended a course on corporate communication. Luciano 's creativity and expertise benefited from his travels around the world and continuous visits to well-known landscape shows, such as Chelsea Flower Show, Chaumont-sur-Loire Garden Festival and other events in the U.S.A. He later decided to leave the company and work as a free-lance consultant, working for Busatta swimming company and then for Giardini Italiani. In 2001 he founded Orangerie Conservatories and Furniture, helping as a consultant OdG, a leading company in designing and creating winter gardens. He focussed on architectural and structural design. In 2003 Luciano Caprini worked as landscape engineer at Paghera Green Philosophy, working with Gianfranco Paghera, a world-known landscape designer. In those years he personally designed and created gardens in Italy and Northern Europe and indirectly in the Middle East, where the company has a branch. Working alongside Gianfranco Paghera, Luciano designed landscapes between rediscovery and experimentation, maintaining a strong bond with the context and creating surprises, harmony and revelations. He designed green spaces, organising them for a future development, so that different functional systems can coexist, and arranging the needs and the features of the elements in specific contexts, always following his mentor's motto: "the right to beauty is a right for everybody". In 2010 he started working as a garden designer and trainer, setting up the firm LCGD on the shores of lake Garda. He is now responsible for landscaping, consulting and landscape eco-solutions. He designs gardens which fit in the landscape context, using autochthons and striving to save energy and minimise future maintenance expenses.

Servizi offerti:

Progettazione giardini, Realizzazione giardini, Garden design. Consulenza, Garden Coaching,

Zone servite:

Italia, Estero

Informazioni professionali:

Numero di iscrizione all'albo: Albo P.A. 0630

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Nome dell'azienda

Luciano Caprini Garden Designer

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348 291 9964


25080 Manerba del Garda Brescia


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