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The 8-8-88, at 8 am the architect leaves free their creativity and begin to put in place and creating large and important projects in the area of private residences, shops and hotels. This date, which will mark his life, became in 2006 the name of his furniture showroom, located in Rome in Via Tirso 107, which exposes the fruits of his research and its design. It is the hotel sector to be more consistent and familiar to the architect, having grown up in hotels for families. It is for this reason that in the design and renovation of the latter, the architect is spontaneous and natural, combine the rationalization of space and usability of services, comfort and warmth of a home through the characterization and customization of environments with materials, furnishings and fabrics are chosen, planned and designed for that place and for that moment. The love for art in all its words, travel the world, meeting different cultures have impressed his eyes and his creative spirit, enriching his knowledge and his curiosity, his professionalism and desire to renew the lead to update continuously, drawing inspiration from those "occasions" and by those events, such as fairs, exhibitions and shows, to seek, to meet and relate with many craftsmen and artists, established or emerging, and with them to work, think, invent and create. At the beginning of each design always tries to identify the architectural character that is sociological, dominating the place, visiting the city, observing the environment, nature and architecture. These characters come so in tune with the new design: the "genius loci" of the place you feel in any design: the case can be classic and modern content, how can it be a building of 900 with a time of contemporary furniture. Tends to use the architecture of the place, as can be, for example the arc or the time for a Mediterranean-type, or the materials of the place, so as to obtain a customized and integrated. In addition to materials of the place is also very important the use of local workers, thus maintaining alive the traditions and crafts building, so the thread that links the past with the present is always strong and alive. Design at 360 degrees, which follows the work from its inception to its completion, the construction to renovation, from design of the furniture to the interior design of the gardens. "In my architecture is vital to maintain the original character of the structure when it comes to restructuring, and places when it comes to new construction. My designs start from a thorough study of spaces that can be solved with an appropriate division that responds to customer needs. Rationalization of routes and spaces that follow paths where the energies flow freely without obstacles or sudden deviations, are the basis of my design choices. When hotels and residences project I try to create an environment where customers for the hotels and guest houses for you to feel at home. I try to give harmony through the use of forms, materials, colors that create a common thread in all the rooms. The choice of uniform color ranging from flooring to painting the walls create a neutral container that allows you to highlight furniture or objects that contrast with the color uniformity of the mantle." Fabrizia Frezza
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Fabrizia Frezza Architecture & Interiors

Numero di telefono

06 8424 2486


Largo Olgiata 15
00123 Roma


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Contatta Fabrizia Frezza Architecture & Interiors
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