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Paola Favretto | Ristrutturazione d'interni
Arredatori d'interni a Svizzera
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle13 settembre 2016
La collaborazione con Paola è stato molto positiva sin dal primo contatto. E' una professionista seria e preparata e sa esattamente cosa vuole. Per un fotografo è molto importante avere un feedback di questo tipo. La sua presenza sul "set" è stata fondamentale e mi ha permesso di valorizzare al meglio l'intervento di Home Staging realizzato dal suo studio su commissione in una prestigiosa villa nei pressi del Lago di Lugano.
Andrée Clark | ArcResidential
Arredatori d'interni a Svizzera
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle9 maggio 2016
Andrée did a wonderful work in our house in Switzerland. She had a special way to understand our way of living, to respect our personal choices and, at the same time, transform the ambiances of our place with charm and elegance. She has an incredible eye to imagine the decoration and is super perfectionist in the execution, giving us piece of mind.
MD CREATIVE LAB - Architettura e Design
Arredatori d'interni a Svizzera
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle16 gennaio 2014
Incredibly brilliant architect! Strongly suggested for any project including Interior Designer! She has great contacts with major industry company so she's able to obtain huge discounts!
Arredatori d'interni a Svizzera
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle18 febbraio 2013
Our consultation needs was truly international as we engaged ASV (based in Switzerland) as an international client (based in Pakistan), undertaking a new build for us in a third country (South Africa). ASV rose to the occasion. Clear, creative, clever and professional, ASV was the design consultancy we needed to give us experienced advice tailored to our needs. In this new-build house project for a family of 5, including a self contained annexe, garden and pool, ASV gave consistently useful feedback, discussion and direction bearing in mind budgetary restraints and family dynamics. This ability to tune in so well made the consultancy invaluable and 100% relevant. The consultancy lasted between January-May 2013 and the estimated project cost was $325,000.
Quattro Interiors Studio GmbH
Arredatori d'interni a Svizzera
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle28 dicembre 2020
Kylie and the team at Quattro are a pleasure to work with. Impeccable style while still miraculously staying within a strict budget. She also made what could have been a nightmare project work seamlessly by liaising with all the tradespeople involved and keeping our architect on schedule. Highly recommend!
Syrenka Home
Arredatori d'interni a Svizzera
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle14 ottobre 2016
Earlier this year we asked Hannmade Interiors to redesign our bedroom. I didn't want to spend too much money or time on the redesign and, as an expat, searching for the right furniture and accessories in Singapore can be incredibly expensive and cost several weekends to get the job done. Hannah from Hannmade helped us develop a complete new bedroom design that is trendy and not too expensive (inline with our budget of 2-3K)--and everything could be purchased online (something lot easy to accomplish in Singapore) which made it really simple to complete the orders. After some basic stylistic questions and room measurements, Hannah sent us a few custom designs she created that matched our wishes. She did this with a real-life mock-up view of the bedroom which made it very easy to visualize what the new room would look like. We gave her some comments on the designs and she was very receptive to them and she then refined the plans to exactly what we liked. The result was a design that I would never have come up with myself and something that I really like--Thanks Hannah!
Jacober Interiors GmbH
Arredatori d'interni a Svizzera
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle15 novembre 2020
We didn`t like our dining room any more. It` quite special with a very high ceiling and high windows. But all the furniture was very heavy and dark. So we wanted Jacober Interiors to bring in the the light and make it work together also with the furniture and the colour of the the walls. The kitchen is integrated, so that also had to be included in the concept. Now the chairs are of a light pink/reddish colour (Thonet), the wooden table is very long and big but still not heavy because of a very shabby white, that fits perfectly with the wooden oak floor. The kitchen is all white and chrome - to make it looking not too sterile like in a hospital there is now one red wall. Next project will be the living room where Jacober Interiors will do a complete make over which for sure will also make us happy!
Anastasia Schuler Design
Arredatori d'interni a Svizzera
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle2 luglio 2019
Anastasia did a wonderful job bringing to life my third home and a dream living space - a 210 sq.m. factory loft on lake Zurich. She really knew how to develop what were initially raw ideas, into a sophisticated, modern concept reflecting my character. I was impressed by her professional, efficient approach that had all the parts moving properly and on time, and got the project finished by the agreed date and with only a couple of cost overruns. As a “cherry on the cake” she helped me get the space featured in ELLE Decoration in 2018. I’d definitely recommend Anastasia to anyone looking for experienced guidance in designing their dream home, and especially to the more demanding clientele out there.
Laura Lygren Interiors
Arredatori d'interni a Svizzera
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle12 novembre 2018
Laura helped me decorate my home. She has a very impressive knowledge of suppliers, from furniture to fabrics, and is great at pulling together a “look” on any budget. She has a keen eye for spotting statement pieces by trawling through antique houses and fairs. I love all the pieces she found for me! She is really talented, especially on the finishing touches and aesthetic of a project.
AG Design Studio-CH
Arredatori d'interni a Svizzera
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle1 agosto 2021
Thank you so much Gio, for the absolut stunning work. Not just did you re-do our appartement, but you took all our needs and wishes into consideration. You knew exactly how to integrate our inherited furnitures into the modern style we fancied to have. You managed to create so much more space and light that friends and families who visit are just blown by the transformation. We love the homy and comfy feeling that each room spreads and besides, each one in a different way. We appreciated the fact that you encouraged us to new ideas, in terms of colours, furnitures and even room-changes. Out of dark bedroom you created a cosy and quite bright living room, integrating even an office space. The previous living room became a stunning dining room in which we love to host visitors and were we comfortable dine and wine with friends around the table. Who ever wants to redo a room, a home, an office or even a restaurant, no matter your budget, I can strongly recommend AG Design Studio.
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