Villi Zanini Wrought Iron Art
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My name is Villi Zanini, I'm the owner of a modern and organized company and a master in wrought iron, art that I learned from my father. Today, my mission is to keep it alive.
Fifteen generations in my family have been involved in this field and handed down it to the next generation.
Our handworks mix together this long lasting knowledge with the taste of the Italian design. My Company is involved in prestigious projects in Europe and World Wide.

Servizi forniti
Cornici per camini su misura, Oggetti d'arte personalizzati, ferro battuto, carpenteria artistica

Zone servite
Cornuda, europa, russian federation, worldwide, u.s.a.
Contatta: Villi Zanini Wrought IronArt
Località: Via del lavoro, 10
31041 Cornuda
Informazioni sul professionista:
Crafting custom-made artistic pieces with an original,
exclusive design for private homes, hotels, prestigious buildings and luxury yachts is an integral part of the way in which we "see" artistic wrought-iron production. Creating balustrades, decorative pieces, railings or gratings for our clientele, based upon a detailed blueprint drawn up by architects or design studios, then adding our experience and expertise in wrought iron, means we are always willing and able to find just the right solution for every client's specific request, with one of our unique pieces.

Clients and designers, who demand the very best in wrought iron work, turn to us for our high degree of experience, expertise and reliability, which we put at the service of their ideas and expectations.
Costi di lavoro standard: 1.000 - 100.000 €