Stefano Dorata
Stefano Dorata is an architect and designer who has realized projects in many different environments: villas, apartments, hotels, apartment blocks, offices, lofts and chalets; In the country, in the mountains and at the seaside, and yachts-floating homes, that is. Published in books and magazines in many countries, his houses are never predictable or banal, nondescript standard models that can be replicated anywhere to meet any of the client’s needs. They are, on the contrary, houses conceived as one-off artifacts, the balance synthesis of a strong creative impulse and careful attention to the client’s needs and desires that, however, rejects the famous aphorism of Ernesto Nathan Rogers- the great architect who was the theoretician of the BBPR group- according to which ‘The client is the person without whom it’s impossible to create architecture, but with whom it’s even more difficult to produce it’. This is because Dorata gets on very well with its clients, managing – without too much effort, but with subtle maieutic flexibility- to take on board their requirements and metabolize them into his architectural language, transforming them into creative ideas that fuel and sustain the project.
Contatta: Stefano Dorata
Località: 00197 Roma Roma
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Numero di iscrizione all'albo: 6996
Ha commentato: lampada da terra vicino al camino Buongiorno. Le realizza il negozio di Roma di Marco Riccardi Saluti
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Ha commentato: brand poltrona Ciao! la poltrona di cui parli è la Chaise di Charles Eames della Vitra
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Ha commentato: Domanda su di un articolo. Buongiorno! Innanzitutto La ringrazio per l'attenzione rivolta al nostro lavoro. La poltrona in oggetto è stata acquistata presso il negozio Flair sito in Roma. Cordiali saluti, Studio Stefano Dorata
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