Dialma Brown
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Following the experience of Marchi Group, an internationally recognized leader in production of kitchens, in 2007 was created Dialma Brown – young and dynamic company with a strong appeal and several showrooms in Italy and abroad.

Dialma Brown lifestyle extends from Shabby Chic to Country, from Urban style to Vintage and surprises you with Industrial style collection, offering design pieces of unique and original value. Its styles, its settings, its attention to details make Dialma Brown protagonist in the major specialized magazines, charming the visitors during the most important exhibitions dedicated to furniture and home.

Dialma Brown is a lifestyle, it is a new and original way of living home, it is a mix of styles that create a perfect harmony and at the same time an unexpected contrast, it is the warmth of wood and the cold of metal, it is a reminder of the past and a skip into the future with innovative design articles, it is tradition and original elements, it is passion. Shapes and colors are designed basing on long experience and accurate research, which are expressed in a drawing, designed in a space and come to life in a setting.
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Località: Showroom de Bléré