The classical Italian plastering technique stucco lustro is an ancient finish for modern walls. Created on natural materials exclusively.

Crystallized marble surfaces produce rooms with fantastic reflections of light.

Any color from delicate classic to modern pang can be obtained. Structures can be harmonious or wild - bright, glossy, matt, smooth, rough, metallic lustre, shimmer with crushed oyster shells.

Curved or straight surfaces - walls, ceilings and columns - without any appearance of joints.

Stucco lustro was used for palaces and villas in Venice and has stood the test of time. It is long-lasting, sustainable, it creates a healthy indoor climate and it needs no maintenance.

Highly qualified Italian craftsmen will produce your surfaces.

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Zone servite
Contatta: Elisabeth Flensted-Jensen
Località: Raadvad 28
Kgs. Lyngby
Informazioni sul professionista:
CVR-nummer: DK-30595300
Costi di lavoro standard: 30.000 DKK - 400.000 DKK
Cost depends on square meters, surface type and special challenges.