Park Ave Condo

Note the large number of wide windows in this family room. Thanks to these windows, a lot of sunlight easily enters the room, and the room is always filled with light in the daytime.

The eclectic design style used in this room obviously requires a lot of light not only during the daytime, but also in the evening. That’s why our interior designers primarily focused on lighting. You can see several different types of lighting here that create a welcoming and warm atmosphere in the room.

Are you dreaming of something like this amazing family room? Then contact our best interior designers who are bound to make your dreams come true!

Immagine di un grande soggiorno bohémian aperto con libreria, pareti grigie, pavimento in legno massello medio, TV a parete e pavimento marrone —  Houzz
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  • Soggiorno bohémian
  • Grande soggiorno
  • Soggiorno con libreria
  • Eclettico Soggiorni
  • Soggiorni
  • Soggiorni
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I commenti degli utenti:

Analia Giorgio lo ha aggiunto a Analia's Ideas11 maggio 2021

Could see a dining table extension from the kitchen island

Carmen Mendez lo ha aggiunto a My Project22 aprile 2021

I'm afraid to even move something, everything is too perfect!

Tiffany Walker lo ha aggiunto a My Project22 aprile 2021

I want to see it in my cottage. Great idea.

Marco Longgize lo ha aggiunto a My Project22 aprile 2021

Inspiring! How great it happened!

Bobbie Nicholson lo ha aggiunto a My Project21 aprile 2021

I almost burst into tears from this beauty !!!

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