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Famaliving San Diego
Famaliving San Diego
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MyNest Swivel Lounge Arm Chair by Famaliving California

The MyNest is a new concept of armchair. A “nest” to enjoy at home, specially made to lie while seated. The MyNest is a custom made piece of furniture crafted by the world-renowned Spanish manufacturer Famaliving. This over sized armchair can be upholstered in an array of colors and patterns that can match any decor. The frame of the MyNest is crafted from pine wood and MDF construction making it very durable. All Fama products use a webbing system for suspension and support instead of the old spring design that will sag over years to come. Attached to the bottom is a silver finished circular base that allows the MyNest to swivel 360 degrees and allows it to maintain its low profile look. Dimensions: W53.1" x D51.2" x H27.5" Seat Height: 15.7" Arm Height: 27.5" Back Height: 11.8" We deliver Nationwide! Visit our showroom at: Famaliving San Diego 401 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92103 Questions? Ready to purchase? Tel. 1-619-900-7674 sandiego@famaliving.com
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