Kitchen island Lighting

Jessica C.
5 febbraio 2019

My kitchen island is around 4 feet by 6 1/2 feet. Would 3 pendants be too much for this size island or does it more depend on the size of the pendant I am using?

Also, for remaining kitchen lighting, I assume spots on the perimeter of the cabinets is the way to go? How much space should be between each spot?

Thank you!

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  • 2ManyDiversions

    Amanda, many would say only 2 pendants for that length island, but frankly it really does depend on the size of the pendants, and personal style/taste. Our island will only be another 1-1/2 feet longer and I am most likely going with 3 (not overwhelming) pendants as I want lots of light.

    Typically speaking, approx 3 feet give or take between each can light would be standard. You don't mention if this is a new build or remodel so keep in mind, you may have to get a bit creative with locations if it's a remodel and you've got rafters in the way.

    How far out from the cabinets is something I won't get into Frankly there are varied opinions. I do hope you are including under cabinet lighting.

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  • PRO
    Razzetti Italy

    Depending from the sizes of the pendant. But i think 2 pendant would me enought with that kitchen island size. or one rectangular chandelier would be good. Here some picture in attached

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