What is the floor and subfloor made of?

GoatBarn M
2 anni fa
It seems like the floor is made of concrete, but it's smoother looking, more uniform, denser, and "creamier" than many other installations. The subfloor probably had a lot to do with that. Interested in knowing more about the floor and subfloor.
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  • PRO
    KBC Developments
    2 anni fa

    In the above project, the floor is concrete with a decorative cement based coating called ARDEX SD-M.
    It can be customized to achieve the look you are trying to achieve, whether in a residential or commercial space.

    This floor has a specific shade made up for the client, which allows them to specify if they want it lighter or darker, more blue or more gray, and so on.

    Samples are specifically developed for approval on each project, allowing it to be suited to the design, aesthetic and environment of the home.

    Please speak with a flooring professional to determine if this is the right surface for your project and lifestyle before proceeding.

    Thanks for your interest!

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