Backsplash Dilemma

5 dicembre 2017
I posted this earlier, but now I’m trying to post in Kitchen Forum. I hope I’m posting this in the correct forum where someone can possibly shed some ideas on my backsplash issue. Hubby and I are almost finished with our kitchen remodel. I love everything, but I think I goofed on the backsplash. I don’t think it works with our Solarius Granite countertop. Would appreciate any suggestions on how to create harmony with these two elements. Removing the backsplash isn’t an option. Thanks in advance for any ideas on my dilemma

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  • Cara Lewis-Watts

    I agree, it doesn't work- too dark and busy. I'd go with a travertine tile in a pale cream to match the background color of the countertops. Your cupboards will standout and won't compete visually.

  • PRO
    Sina Sadeddin Architectural Design

    The issue is that glass mosaic is just too busy and dated these days. It's also super dark so it's sucking all the light.

    A light cream tile would work best. You said you can't remove the backsplash, not sure if that's because of money or you're physically unable to remove it. If it's money live with it for now and save up. You don't need to splurge on a super expensive backsplash, cheaper tiles work fine.

  • PRO
    Randy Trainor

    Are you able to redo it with a cream tile? Perhaps something like this that we used in a project for a client?

  • PRO
    Skippack Tile & Stone

    Unfortunately, there's no way to make it magically work the rest of the space. You say removing it is not an option; but at some point hopefully it is and then you can select a more complementary selection to the granite.

  • bradley_amber
    I hate this type of backsplash but I actually don't think it looks so bad with your counters, although you could have had better. Maybe add cream accessories that go with you counter to lighten it up. other than that you can live with it till you learn to love it or can afford to change it. wish you had posted a pullback where we could see the kitchen as a whole.
  • PRO

    Your kitchen looks beautiful! However, I agree that your backsplash tile is too dark and busy with the gorgeous Solarius granite. Unfortunately, the only way around this issue is removing the backsplash tile and replacing it with something else. To my knowledge, you usually cannot tile over top of existing wall tile--that is generally only sometimes possible with floor tile. I suggest living with it for a little while to see how you still feel about it a few months from now. If you still do not like, you will need to remove it and put up a new backsplash tile instead. Best of luck!

  • ademetra

    If removing is not an option, I would paint it over, with a glossy paint of a light color.

  • PRO
    Clare Sells Homes, Inc.

    Your kitchen is beautiful! I love the granite you chose! If you are able to remove, I do agree it is a tad dark. I would choose a light tan subway tile to compliment the granite and cabinets! :) Hope everything works out for you!

  • sunnydrew
    Actually, I think it does work. It is hard to tell really on a screen, but your counter pattern is so pale it looks almost like a solid light color. I would get neutral outlet covers that blend more than wood or white, to paint them.

    I would take off any decorations in clashing colors like a bowl of lemons and look for other things that are more complementary to the colors in the backsplash. (For example use a black toaster)

    I would add undercounted lighting if you don't have it yet.
    While that type of tile may have waned in popularity according to houzzers, you must have loved it enough to choose it, so just go with it til something else captures your attention.
  • lhutch13
    This is a very pretty tile. It does go/match, there's just ALOT of this mosaic tile. It probably would have worked better as an accent strip with another tile. It's really busy. I am not sure there is a way to get the counter and backsplash to harmonize better other than what's already been suggested. Live with it for a while and see if it grows on you.
  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    All of you suggesting the travertine tile, what part of "The backsplash removal is not an option" did you not understand? OP is asking for a way to make it work, not change it out.

    And quite frankly, that travertine isn't exactly a step up. I wouldn't do that either.

    DIY Freak-It goes perfectly fine w/what you have. darkness/busy look, that's different. The colors work great. try some additional under cabinet lighting to brighten up the darker spots. Keep counter items at a bare minimum. the last thing you want is 'stuff' on the counter for more chaos. keep the countertops bare and non-needed items stored away.

    the wine rack adds to busyness. I realize it's there and you need it, but all of the 'detailing' you have w/these cabinets (seeded glass, wine rack, rope trim, molding) is just another list of items competing w/the granite and the backsplash. everyone is fighting to take center stage.

    Oh, change out those white outlets/and covers, to black. those white ones stand out like a sore thumb.

  • DH
    im not an expert but what you need to do is bring together or connect the cabinets on the bottom/ the granite with the top cabinets

    this will create harmony with the backsplash, making it look less busy.

    right now you have 3 different and very uncoordinating colors going on with the cabinets. granite and backsplash.

    making the cabinets plain, simple and a solid color extremely close to the granite will lessen the stark difference between all 3.

    pros might say otherwise but design alot of times is about how something feels to you, speaks to you and looks to the eye

    i agree it is busy, but you dont need to rip out your backsplash or your granite. just paint the cabinets.
  • oldbat2be

    Not a travertine fan here. The countertop looks dingy with the backsplash IMO. That said, your second picture is fun - lovely contrasts in the backsplash colors.

    Would you be willing to take a few pictures from further back? That would very much help. It's important to factor in the floor and walls and ceiling.

    How is your UCL (under cabinet lighting)? Definitely a factor.

    Are you willing to swap out the counter top? If not, what are you willing to change?

    With dark countertop:

    With light:

    With black and white tile:

    Kudos to you for DIY - your cabinets are very nice! DH and I are very much DIY-ers, which means lots of rework for DH as I figure out what works and doesn't.

  • DIY Freak WeDIY
    Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and feedback!!! Hubby put the pulls/knobs on today. I plan to purchase some lighter colors countertop accents pieces. Hopefully, that will help create a lil harmony in the colors. Here are some pull-back pics. It isn’t completely finished yet. The crown molding and toe kick has to be installed, etc.
  • Linda
    Add lights under the cabinets for now that will brighten things up quite a bit.
  • lhutch13
    Are you keeping that paint color or do you have new paint coming?
  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    I think if you went with a soft white on the walls it would calm things down a bit. and I'm sorry to inform, the fluffy green rug and the other, should really go! lol

  • DIY Freak WeDIY
    @Ihutch13 still undecided on paint color
  • DIY Freak WeDIY
    @BethH I’m still undecided on paint color, but for sure; not fond of white paint color. Due to back pain, I have to have some type of rug on floor n by sink. Will look into other rug options
  • oldbat2be

    The dark outlets and hardware look great! Kudos to DH.

    This color seemed to work with the countertop/cabinets and backsplash. red 228 green 195 blue 149.

    You didn't ask, but for future reference (next time around!), I'd also suggest that the backsplash end earlier than it does.

    Picking the right white is always a struggle - here I am trying to pick up color from the countertop for the walls and the backsplash for the rug:

    I don't think the yellows and greens you have on the countertop work with the current paint color. They pop against the backsplash certainly!

  • DIY Freak WeDIY
    @oldbat2be thank you for your input. I love that cocoa rug. I think it helps tie in the backsplash with the rest of the kitchen. What color paint is that? That cocoa rug has me thinking a pale cocoa paint color.
  • oldbat2be

    You're welcome! I don't have names and suggest you ask the color experts for actual suggestions, closer to this color, if you like. Mix is: Red 231, Green 219 and Blue 200. Then (or also!) take your counter top, backsplash, floor and cabinet samples with you to the paint store and see what colors work with all four.

  • PRO
    Sophie Wheeler

    Get rid of the light counter in favor of plain black. Then add under counter lights. It will be fine.

    Right now, the counter and the splash are in a Death Match over the kitchen and the kitchen is the Loser. You need to figure out if you want to turn to the Dark Side? Or the Light Side. Straddling both camps Does Not Work.

    Who is going to get thrown off the island? Just like Highlander, There Can Be Only One!

  • DIY Freak WeDIY
    @SophiaWheeler We paid $3,000 for our Solarius Granite countertop!!! I can’t imagine our backsplash clash to be so dire that ripping it out would be a viable solution. Not to mention that we’re not fond of black countertop and since our kitchen opens to our family room, it would be a total clash. As a pro, I would greatly appreciate any input you could share on how to possibly create harmony between the two.
  • PRO
    Sophie Wheeler

    You can’t do magic. One or the other needs to go. No other real solution. It will always look like a DIY design mistake if you keep it as is.

  • DIY Freak WeDIY
    @SophieWheeler Thank you for your input
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