Paint the door or not?

14 maggio 2016

Help! It didn't turn out the way I expected. Should I paint the side door to the garage to match the wall making it appear to disappear?

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  • ninigret

    i think it looks fine. and you'd have to paint the trim the wall color too.

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  • PRO
    The Art of Staging

    Hello Jen,

    My personal advice would be to leave it the way it is.

    It didn't turn out the way you expected color wise? You don't like the contrast between the wall color & the doors?

    Best regards

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  • housegal200

    The two doors look great. Get yourself a small indoor/outdoor rug in teal, yellow, tan to anchor the space.

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  • j_annandale
    It may have been better with the colors the other way round but I like it. Adding a geometric or striped rug with some yellow through it will tie the look nicely. Maybe some wall art to the right of the side door or a quote printed on the wall would add a nice touch. It makes me think of yellow wellies☔️
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  • km kane
    What did you expect/what were you looking for? I like the colors, but they are a bit bright. The light fixture could be updated. Please don't use quotes on the wall........
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  • PRO
    Stecki Construction

    Looks very nice!! The doors don't need to be painted. They look great and love the color of walls! Thanks for sharing!

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  • km kane

    Take a look at these adorable light fixtures! A couple of these would work perfectly in your cute entry! Or this website allows you to design your own lampshade. Have a blast!

  • housegal200

    If you do get a new overhead light, make sure it clears the doorway openings. Anyway, your hall is adorable.

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    el'PORTA Doors

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