Can some give me ideas on where to put lights on this floor plan. Than

Matilda Ali
29 maggio 2015
This is a copy of my floor plan. Not sure where and what kind of ceiling lights I need. Ps ceiling is low.

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    Cathy Phillips & Co
    As the ceilings are low you probably should recess the lights. As far as your lighting plan goes, simply imagine yourself in the rooms and mark spots where you will need light from above. Then look at each room and decide where, logically, you will want to turn lights on and off. And where you'll need dimmers (anywhere where you will be relaxing is a good way to look at this). Last but not least, have an idea of where your furniture will go so you can have sockets positioned in appropriate places for task lighting. Do ask your electrician's opinion too, they will have plenty of experience to draw on.
  • Matilda Ali
    Thanks so much. You got my brain working with a plan instead of my grey cells splattered all over the floor plan :)
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    Don't Forget when deciding on the position in the kitchen, locate the light over where your hands will be working and try to avoid body shadows in your working area. If you intend having table lamps anywhere, ask your electrician to wire for 5A outlets, switched with the main light switches

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