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In the company’s development and growth path, Telligraf included a production segment that orderly combines digital printing on rigid supports with reel supports : wallpaper, fabrics, vinyl and adhesive materials. This catalogue is intended to show some of the different solutions that can be used to furnish a house, a shop or a showroom. Our aim is to offer graphic ideas with the images proposed in the catalogue and, at the same time, we can also use your ideas and customize the spaces according to your furnishing requests.

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Civita Castellana

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Telligraf was born as a tipolitographic company in 1979 becoming from the outset one of the main companies involved in performing high quality work. The constant investment in technology and a selected choice of the products used lead in a short time Telligraf to become the main supplier of the most important companies in the territory. The year 2004 marks an important step. Telligraf builds the new location: an area of more than 2 700 square meters including offices and industrial establishment, a technical expertise team and cutting-edge machines make this company a reliable partner today, as yesterday, oriented to achieving the highest quality standards.

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