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The marriage of experience and ongoing research has given rise to the company's original collections of contemporary carpets that immediately achieved great success with the public and designers alike. The company has successfully responded to the new market demands and the latest trends with research,using its old artisanal skill and its precious know-how to transfer it to the field of design. Every single carpet, skilfully handmade, becomes the result of a shared task that commences with the artisan and passes through the designer to reach the consumer, conveying emotions, passion and history. Golran gives priority to human values: the importance of establishing a respectful relationship with those who work in production and a constructive rapport with designers and architects. From the old bazaars to the most modern European markets, from Mashad to Milan, through three generations, today Elyas Golran’s children continue to run the company with the same competence, soundness and passion.


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02 8940 5725


20123 Milan


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