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New Design Porte is an Italian company boasting an extensive experience in the furniture and interior door construction sector, where they utilised the same wood taste and knowledge typical of furniture makers. We manufacture products conforming to the highest quality standards for a clientèle of exceptional taste. Taking inspiration from various historical periods, we constantly enrich our production with new proposals, all with elegance and good taste. Our inventory is stocked with precious door designs, including: Modern Interior Doors Italian Doors Luxury Doors Wooden Interior Doors Glass Interior Doors Custom Interior Doors Luxury Interior Doors Traditional Interior Doors The various collections combine the finest materials and craftsmanship. The finishes are created using the typical products of long ago and are executed by hand by experienced masters of art. New Design Porte is able to create designs in close cooperation with customers, offering an interior architecture consultancy service to understand and satisfy our customers’ needs. In addition, we carry out all types of processing, including custom-tailored to satisfied every kind of request, even the most particular one.

Servizi offerti:

Doors, classic and modern doors Decor and Furniture Walk-in closet Home Cinema Interior Living Tables Console table Mirrors

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Nome dell'azienda

New Design Porte

Numero di telefono

0577 306075


Strada Prov. Colligiana, 14
53035 Monteriggioni Siena


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