Sitia was born in 2002 thanks to over 40 years' experience of Battocchio’s family in manufacture of office chairs, modern armchairs and sofa for home and hotel. Sitia meets specific market demands taking advantages of a very deep know–how and sector knowledge. All the design production of SITIA products is based on many years' experience of Mr. Pergentino Battocchio. The memories of many years of work are holded in his mind. Once he has fully processed images and ideas, he grabs a pencil and sketches directly into a peace of plywood. His way to work consists in creating a model by layering boards using hand tools and a ruler. Upon receiving the parts ordered from suppliers, he does the work himself, from packing the cushion materials to assembly. He pays close attention to what to focus on his energy and which phase to check during the process. At the beginning, he repeats the process 50 times for about six months, so that he became able to fully understand the points that the craftsmen should pay attention to. At this time, Mr. Battocchio finally tells the craftsmen in charge of each process about the techniques to produce new chairs. Because his specific directions are faithfully followed, perfect products are created by SITIA. “Of course we have the materials, but we also have the skill to meet any request”. This is the pride of the Italian furniture artisan.

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WE ARE TAILOR MADE: Since 1977 we are immensely proud to offer exclusively Hand Made in Italy products, which details came from meticulous care required by the art of fine tailoring. Our chairs and sofas are made with Made in Italy top quality raw materials. Creativity, passion, product quality and the constant research of new raw materials, combined with excellent services and availability of our team, are the keys of SITIA success.

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