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The history of GD Arredamenti dates back to 1969, to Biancade, a town just outside Treviso in Northern Italy that is traditionally known for its furniture manufacturing. The company owes its development and success to the intuition and perseverance of its founder, Giuseppe Dolfo, not to mention his ability to knowingly represent and express the fundamental bond between “tradition and modernity” in each of the products that he created. Out of respect for its customers, the Company gives the utmost importance to the content and substance of its materials, especially wood. Wood plays a key role in GD Arredamenti’s furniture, forming an intrinsic part of the company’s DNA not only because of its history and tradition, but also because of its renowned durability and ability to be reused over time. The company’s woodworking department uses Ash, Oak and other types of tree, all coming from areas with monitored reforestation. After the ageing process, the wood is cut into pieces and worked as part of an almost entirely integrated production process. As well as an improved relationship between form and function, GD Arredamenti’s research in the field of design is also based on creating a modern and lasting stylistic dimension, which is free from extravagance and passing fads, creating timeless aesthetics with the same characteristics as the products themselves: long term durability with an ability to resist wear and tear and changing tastes. This approach to design goes back to the “trendy classic” concept, GD Arredamenti’s stylistic intuition and underlying philosophy that has influenced the market, shining a new light on furniture design for the home and kitchen and giving GD Arredamenti a renowned and unmistakeable identity. GD Arredamenti offers its customers products with a clear identity, based on the quality of their content and containers and on the materials used to build them, such as wood, stone, steel and glass. This identity is based on product reliability and durability and on the right balance between form and function, respecting customers, users and the environment.

Servizi offerti:

Custom Furniture, Custom Table, Consegna mobili a domicilio, Mobili su misura, Librerie su misura, Progettazione armadi, Turnkey projects

Zone servite:

Middle East, USA, Canada, Russia, Europe


Good Design Award 2009, Best of the Best 2011


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Dettagli aziendali

Nome dell'azienda

GD Arredamenti

Numero di telefono

0422 8441


31056 Biancade di Roncade Treviso

Costo medio di un progetto

5.000 - 100.000 €


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