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FabbroArredi is a Friulian artisan company which has been active for 60 years, excelling at manufacturing: . exclusive design furniture as well as items to be produced in small series, standing out for their exquisite shapes and finishes and for the materials used; . custom-made, high-quality furnishings, fixed and movable, for public and private spaces, including complete assistance till setup. Interior designers and architects can count on the company's active participation in the concept development. The entire production cycle is performed inside the factory, from sectioning to varnishing and assembly, with careful selection of raw materials. Full availability towards client, flexibility in working and ability to manufacture precious, purpose-made pieces of furniture, allow the company to satisfy all customer's aesthetic, functional and manufacturing requirements. Proof of this are the important collaborations with national and international designers, architecture studios and world-renowned brands: besides Italy, furniture made by FabbroArredi can be found in various European countries (Austria, Russia, Switzerland, UK) and overseas (India, United Arab Emirates and USA). The company structure consists of a group of professionals working synergistically together in the various areas of competence; a small firm with a great passion for this job, which all at FabbroArredi share with the owner. After attentive listening to client's requests and carrying out the project analysis, exchanges of views follow in order to pinpoint the best solutions to the specific requirements that have come to light. As a matter of fact, the firm’s design office is responsible for providing specific and concrete answers in order to transform the idea into a feasible and satisfying furniture project. It therefore makes the excutive designs, which are then sent to the personnel in charge of production: a highly-qualified, skilled workforce which make use of traditional tools, numerical control machines and modern technologies. A constant dialogue is maintained with them and in depth checks and tests are carried out during each manufacturing phase, thus accompaining step by step each product.
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33010 Magnano in Riviera Udine
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