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The Calligaris Group, founded 95 years ago, with a basic product (Marocca chair) and as a single-culture firm, it has traversed all the stages of the economic progress of our country: with the development of production processes, the diversification of its range of products, the search for new sales channels, the “discovery” of the brand and its increase in value, the internationalisation in the market. The Calligaris brand, which developed naturally over the years thanks to consumers’ growing loyalty to the products offered in the company’s catalogue, today reflects the synthesis of design, excellent workmanship and the right quality-price ratio: the company’s three “musts” which, in turn, express the best of “made in Italy”. Calligaris' sales organization is based on 650 retailers retailers located all over the world: a new process, based on a partnership relationship, with a common commitment to highlighting the brand’s values. Currently present in 100 countries, with over 600 stores and three flagship stores, this year Calligaris celebrates its 95th anniversary; 2018 is going to be a year full od new, changes and projects.
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Via Trieste 12
33044 Manzano Udine
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