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Brummel is an Italian luxury bespoke interior design and production company that directly designs and manufactures "Total Living". Each creation Brummel is a journey through the care and passion for a project that comes from a customer need, brought to the maximum expression through all stages of the production process, which take place entirely in the company. The careful design of our specialised technicians is combined with the customer's needs, creating a unique project that is personalised in every detail. Since 1982 we have been offering our customers quality projects with dynamism, passion and experience, elements that have allowed us to realise heterogeneous and distinctive projects all over the world. Attractive design, selected raw materials and attention to detail are among the founding elements that have allowed constant growth over time and a natural evolution by expanding the primary "focus" of carpentry excellence to embrace different areas. Over time, the company has opened up to prestigious partnerships that have allowed it to acquire specific expertise in all the connotative elements necessary to enhance the aesthetic impact of a project signed Brummel. always work hand in hand to find the most suitable solutions for our customers, looking towards sustainability. Today a Brummel House is tailored in every detail with quality and exclusivity tailoring Made in Italy.


Our patents: Brummel Home boasts the privilege of having patented the module Amira and the openable make up.


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0424 534008


via San Giovanni Bosco, 11
36022 Cassola Vicenza


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